Friday, February 5, 2010

When Puji paaji & Vandy paaji burst into tears over cheese burst !!!

(Puji is my best friend,one of the few people about whom I really care. We are together since the starting of college. Though we don’t have many similarities but we get along quite well)

Puji & I’ve been to college, being lazy bums we reached college when forms were already out of stock & since Puji wanna try cheese burst & I wanna try chocolava cake so we went to Dominos. We gave our order,,one cheese burst & one chocolava cake since I know Puji isn’t very fond of sweets & desserts so she may not like it. But the waitress/order taker/receptionist/whatever said it’s too small making gesture with her hand,, so I thought maybe it’s just as small as a momo so we ordered two. When I asked, “How much?”,,,, the answer made my head spinning & I guess same was with Puji. By the way, the answer was “489 only”. I wonder why salesmen add “only”,,,I also have observed that the sweetest with which they say “only” is proportional to the amount you have to pay.

It was nearly 500 bucks,,,a major part of our pocket money,,,since we weren’t born with a silver spoon in mouth. I don’t know what had numbed our minds,,we didn’t cancel the order,,we simply went to our seats to wait for our order.

500 bucks this figure was revolving in our minds.

It wasn’t my birthday,,it wasn’t her birthday,,not even the anniversary of our friendship,,,,& since we both are straight so it wasn’t even a date. I guess it doesn’t make any sense to spend 500 bucks on food without any special occasion and that too on a pizza n two cupcakes.

Finally we recovered from the shock & spoke.

“yaar, why is this so costly?” Puji said.

“Maybe because it’s new. Hey did the waitress say it’s large?” I asked.

“No,,,I didn’t hear that” ,Puji replied.

Soon our order arrived & yeah it was a large pizza.

In my life I haven’t even eaten half of a regular size pizza alone let alone a full regular pizza. How I was gonna eat half of this giant pizza?

The prize was so big that our appetite was already gone but we started with one slice each.

“yaar, we could have spend 500 bucks in five days enjoying a variety of food” ,Puji said and I started calculating the price of a brownie, one black forest pastry, one chocolate fudge, one plate gajar ka halwa, one plate rasmalai & one plate gulab jamun,,,,,,all would have cost roughly 200 bucks & I would have been so satisfied but here I was having this pizza with dripping cheese & crappy chocolava cake that wasn’t even going down my throat.

Behind us a couple was sitting. I made a quick look on what they were having & calculated the cost,,,,much less than 500 bucks & I was wondering this guy is on date still he hasn’t spend much & we two morons…..

“yaar I would have bought headphones for 250 bucks”,Puji said & then we started analyzing what we could have bought with 500 bucks

A dress,,,a whole new range of nail paints,,two or more novels,,DVD’s for 10seasons of FRIENDS,,watched two movies,,& there wasn’t any end to the things we could have bought with 500 bucks. I wonder why we don’t buy these things when we have those 500 bucks???

Spending 500 bucks wouldn’t have mattered if we would have spend them in 5 days,,4 days,,3days or even 2 days but for one day & for one meal,,,it was too much.

We just had two slices & I even left a part of my slice though I finished that cake,,Puji finished her slice but left the cake.

Suddenly her face glowed like 500 watt electric bulb & she came with an idea.

“I’m not gonna waste our pocket money like this. I’ll sell this to my sisters & cousin. Calculate what the prize for one slice is?”

I calculated & said, “Will they really buy it?”

“Of course” she replied confidently.

She really sold it & next day we both got our 100-100 bucks back,,,,huh,,,that was a relief.

This damn cheese burst really made us to burst into tears,,,I won’t ever have this pizza again in my life,,,of course with my money but how can I say no when someone is offering ;)

with love



  1. lol...!!!
    pizza luks yummy nonetheless ;)
    apne bday pe bhi i ll make u eat this only..!!

  2. hahahahahahahhahahhahahahhahaha
    both of you did the mistake and then took profit out of would have seen the rates burst only comes in large size sme hw you got your money back....bravo vandy

  3. hahahahahahahhahahhahahahhahaha
    both of you did the mistake and then took profit out of would have seen the rates burst only comes in large size sme hw you got your money back....bravo vandy

  4. @Abhinav
    yeah we got to know that later

    bt that's so puji
    she got our money back :P

  5. but vandy thats really a fun na.............first buying then selling gud business