Saturday, February 6, 2010

Buying a suit (traditonal indian attire) is not a child's play


This is the lesson I learned today (the tough way). Since the last one month I had this READ white suit in my mind, with chiffon sleeves, cotton churidaar... this whole dress had this dreamy feel about it which kept me in its trance all through my exams. So immediately after my exams I set off to get my dreamy dress with my friends Eku and Vandy.

We were supposed to meet at kacchi chawni near Delite (a restaurant) and start off out expedition from there. I went to eku’s home first, from there we set off together to meet Vandy. On reaching there (before Vandy) we saw one of our senior RAJESH SIR who was waiting for SOURAV SIR .

(INTRO—(NEW CHARACTERS) we were introduced to Rajesh and Sourav sir last year during an event in the college. By the end of the event we were great friends. Vandy and I bribed them with canteen ki Maggie for writing a testimonial for us.)

Coming back to the, eku and Rajesh sir were talking when Sourav sir arrived..Surprised to see us. Within a few minutes Vandy came too with her “sorry-I-m-late”. Five of us had a great chat for about 10 minutes regarding subjects, future plans etc etc (I loathe this stuff... but who cares...!!). After saying bye bye to them, when we were on our own the first thing Vandy said was “yaar raste main I saw these 3 hot surds”. Eku and me exchange a glance... yaa whatever. Vandy has this thing for surds... she is totally crazy about them...goes nuts whenever she spots one. We faithfully keep pointing them to her “vandy udar ...wahan ... dekh dekh...”

Now I also had to buy a suit for my mum, gift for her birthday (I am so sweet...that’s what you are thinking right...? my friends told me the same). So we started off, by going into this shop from where we bought a suit for my mum.


I haven’t ever gifted anything to my mom still I know I’m the best daughter in this world ;)

Eko’s jiju’s birthday is also within few days so she also wanna get something for him so we raided few gift shops but Valentine’s day buzz is everywhere & there isn’t anything for anyone except for love birds. Then we went to few book stores but didn’t find the novels we were searching for. Well mostly we go with the name of a novel that we know won’t be available in that particular book store,,,just to have a look on the available novels :P

We turned to Jain bazaar & suddenly I spotted a vendor selling Kimb,,it’s a chat special of Jammu,,,found only here. It was so spicy that it set our stomach burning but we really enjoyed it.

Then we took a turn to link road to raid Patel bazaar. After raiding 5 shops,,,finally we found a suit for Sepo,,,yeah,,,finding a good jeans,tops is easy but a good suit at a economical price is really tough.

At chappal bazaar (name concocted by us),,I bought a Punjabi jutti for me.

By now we were really hungry so we went to Casino,,,it’s a food joint in main city that offers you cheap & good food. We ordered Hakka noodles.

When three gals are together how can you expect them to be quite? We started discussing about stuff,,taking pictures,,planning for Sepo’s birthday,,first crush,,,etc. I didn’t realize when it turned to a serious topic. Yeah,,,it’s my problem,,I really can’t control my temper when it comes to people with whom I’m strongly bonded. I can’t hear anything against them nor do I want anyone to take pity on them. I prefer not to discuss much about them & there aren’t much people in that list of mine so when Eko started taking pity on one such person,,,I lost my mind & don’t know what I said? I regretted later but I didn’t say sorry. It’s strange when you don’t really feel sorry for your action,,,it’s rather easy to say sorry then but once you know you are actually guilty,,it’s hard to say it. It wasn’t Eko’s fault,, I trashed so much on her for someone else’s fault. But we forgot everything as soon as we left the place.

We headed for Ragunath bazaar,, heritage bazaar of jammu. On our way we had cotton candy,,,we al shtill lil kidj.

We found a coffee mug for Eko’s jiju at a crockery store. Then we came across Bata’s showroom. Shoes,,,,that means we have to raid it also,,,as Sepo was with us,,,she’s just too crazy for sexy shoes,,give her a pair of sexy shoes & she’s all yours ;)

Then we took a u turn & went back to Rajtilak road. We stopped at Janta’s to have ice cream. Eko & I had butterscotch & choco chip(both my favorites,,Eko wanted love 21 but she didn’t find it there),,,Sepo,,,well sometimes she’s really pain in the a**,,she decided to have blackcurrent & kesar after really pissing off that guy. Sepo had half of her ice cream when she gave it to me,,,,I finished her half before finishing mine but then she said, “Where’s my ice cream?”

I replied sheepishly, “I ate it” realizing that she had given just to hold not to eat.

sorry,,,,my mishtake,,,you know I love ice creams ;)

Finally it was time to come back,,,Eko left first then Sepo. I decided to walk a bit more & catch the matador from the place where we met in the morning so I headed for Kacchi Chawni,,on my way I met two of my classmates,,,my juniors,,,my teacher & in the matador I found a friend.

I’m still wondering if Eko will be angry with me but I know with us AAL IZZ ALWAYS WELL so no worries :D

With love

sepo & vandy

p.s. sepo was supposed to write this post but then she asked me to write. I too procrastinated for a long & finally we agreed writing it together.


  1. "give her a sexi pair of shoes and she's all yours"
    a lotta guys will misunderstand ;)
    its partially true though :D