Friday, January 7, 2011



Our vandy is vandy no more! She is LT. VANDANA SLATHIA.

Isn't it just so great? All of us are ecstatic. And HAPPY. And PROUD. And a lot of other similar adjectives!!!

Her hard-word and will power has paid off, feels so good! Her dream has finally come true! :)

When she called up in the morning (before the result) she was not sounded so good and was even a little low.I guess i was more nervous than her after that. But somewhere deep down I knew God must have thought something good and great for her. When my phone rang eventually I just knew the way she said "hello". I actually congratulated her before she told me anything!! We both had tears in our eyes, I few, she had a lot (GUESSING FROM THE STATE OF HER VOICE)!

okie! congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy new year!

Hello everyone. Wish you all a very happy new year!

Eku has left for Delhi a long back and so has vandy! She will be leaving for Allahabad as I am writing this post !!!

I have nothing interesting to write about, hence I will just put of some pics of the last time we all met (including geetanjali)!

i eat pizza with a new style while geet looks on with a mouthful.

sharing a thing or two,captured them at the perfect time!

a very good attempt to capture all of us by rhydthm

We had loads of fun that day, each guest came at intervals (not at all regular). I being the most punctual (:P) was the first to arrive, soon followed by vandy. We wandered from dominoes to barista waiting for others. We finally quenched our thirsts with a fruit punch @ barista. Geet was next to arrive. We ordered. Next to come was pooja and the double burst pizza! And choco lava :P ritz was next!

After a lot of time (and calls), some wanderings (and more calls), it was finally decided that eku is coming as well (straight from delhi) with sam (from jammu itself). While roaming about in the mall we also met Rahil. later all of us came together for a group photograph. That pretty much ended the day!

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