Thursday, December 9, 2010

Eko's joining ( or leaving)

Hello friends, I’m back as it’s my turn to write.

Honestly, I can’t recall the older posts ,, I just know the previous post was from Sepo & it was for me :P

I wasn’t here on my birthday & I missed my angels like hell. A lot has happened since then,,well a lot always happens between our two posts so no big deal. I don’t know where to start exactly but let me give you a crux of what happened since then. As you know our college ended months ago & since then we all were searching for job. Eko’s job search ended first of all when she got placed in IBM,,Sepo was second & I was the last. Though the best thing is Sepo & I got placed in same company, TCS & we hope to get the same office,,fingers crossed,,we are still waiting for our joining but guess what?? Eko is joining on this Monday,,ya,,she’ll be leaving for Noida tomorrow :(

No matter how happy we all were to get placed finally but we miss our college days like hell & now when we’ll start working,,we don’t know if we’ll be together or not. Seems like this is going to be the turning point of out lives,,,our terrific trio won’t be together. But I guess this is how life goes on.

Anyways, this message goes especially foe Eko as she’s leaving tomorrow:

Sweetheart we are so happy for you.

But since you won’t be here I’ll miss you like hell. It has been a habit to call you every time anything happens ,,no matter how significant or insignificant that might be. Remember, how you used to calm me down whenever I got tenses over petty issues & since you won’t be here,, who’ll teach me,,who’ll scold me when I go senti over things,,,who’ll say “vandy c’mon tu ab badi ho gyi hai”

Thousands of emotions & I don’t know how to express them.

Earlier it didn’t matter that much as I knew I’ll be meeting you there but now it feels different. Things won’t be same. We won’t be able to hang out like we do now,,we won’t be able to call each other so often as we do now. But as they say whatever happens, happens for the good.

Still ,, I’ll miss you like hell.

No matter how far we go,,we’ll be together always as our souls are connected. We wish you all the best for your future. May this new journey of your life bring loads & loads of happiness in your life. We’ll miss you a lot though.

With loads & loads of love


(your sardaarni)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Vandy's Big Day........!

It's Vandy's birthday tomorrow i.e 25 November.

Sadly she has left for Delhi today, so we won't be able to celebrate her birthday here in Jammu. Well, keeping disappointments aside lets hope and pray that this birthday of her's brings her a lot of success and happiness.

Also I hope she celebrates her birthday with great surprises and aplomb with friends in Delhi and in the train :P :D

Dearest Vandy,

Wish you a very happy and exciting birthday ! May you live a happy, long and successful life, full of happiness and excitement. May all your dreams come true.

Here's presenting 23 cupcakes for your 23rd birthday! Big girl !

Hope you have a great celebration tomorrow.

This pic reminded me of the pichkiyaa's you brought on eku's birthday.

Once again, wishing you a very happy birthday.! And all the very best in life :)

Thats vandy's last year birthday pic!

love ya loads :
mmmmmwwwwwwaaaaaaaaahh mmmmmwwwwwwwaaaaahh (on both the cheeks)!


Saturday, November 6, 2010


I am writing here after like ages. Life has been such a roller coaster ride. We are getting into the feel of the after-college life. Trying to settle down.

I am trying to recollect what all happened since I last posted here. Its a difficult task, as i even fail to recollect what i had written about....!! Though i remember the last entry by vandy, a post dedicated to me. I was out with my family on a vacation, out of India and we missed each other like a lot....! I have had a lot of fun on the trip, learned and saw many new things. Met different people (and cute boys), ate different foods.....!Coming to the present scenario.............

So these days I am into a lot of reading, planing to learn driving, studying very very little for my upcoming exams. Vandy will be going to Delhi very very soon. Once she comes back we will PARTY.................!

Thats all i have in store for you. Stay tuned for some upcoming action.

lots of love

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My dearest Sepo :)

(This was written by me when Sepo wasn't here but i couldn't publish it due to certain problem)

My dearest Sepo,

I hope you must be enjoying there, exploring new places, meeting different & of course shopping too but yaar here I’m missing you teribbly, I don’t remember if I’ve missed you this much before. I desperately need to talk to you. This countdown seems to be never ending but I just hope you are coming back soon.

I’ve loads have things to tell you, as lot has happened since you left. Firstly Eko & I collected our marksheet & provisional certificate, soon we’ll get our library security back,,,so when you’ll come we’ll have a grand party for you with that money ;)

Secondly, Geetanjali was here so Eko & I organised BLOGGERS’ MEET. We met Ridz & Rahil too for the first time. It was so much fun but it would have been even more fun if you would have baan here. Both of us were not able to have more than one slice of pizza & at that time we missed you even more ;)

And lastly, well this is the most important thing, Eko just got placed in IBM,,,she’s going to be an IBMer soon, details about it would be posted by Eko(I just hope she does that). So one more big grand treat is waiyting for you :)

Hey girl, be back soon I’m missing you so much & I’m so teary now, it seems like an eternity , I don’t have words to express how much I’m missing you. Oh god, how ever I’m going to live without you & now Eko will be away too. How I’ll manage without you guys. I always considered myself to be the luckiest person in this world to have friends like you but seems its not like that because I would have to face a really hard time when I would have to leave you guys, things are going to be really hard for me now. If only you would have been a little less than the best, letting you guys go away from me wouldn’t have been so difficult, oh god, tears already rolling down my cheeks.

Anyways, that how life goes on and moreover we are going to be best friends always.

With loads and loads of love


P.S. I miss you so much and I love you so much

Friday, September 17, 2010

We are graduates now :P

Result of 8th semester out & we became engineers finally but instead of feeling happy, I’m feeling weird,,as if I’m leaving something important behind,,,as if I’m going away from something that is very dear to me.

Maybe it’s because of the fact that I won’t be able to live those college moments again or maybe because now I won’t get to meet my friends that often,,but that’s how life goes on *sigh*

Anyways, coming back, the result was out quite suddenly,,but then it is out always like that.

We all got distinctions (I was just 0.1% short to it,,but still :P). our group studies paid :)

No matter how much I hated exams,, I’m gonna miss them like hell,,,especially my friends’ scolding :P

we met on the day on result itself. I went to Eko's place then Sepo's place. Though we didn't celebrated it in a big way but still with my favorite cornetto,,,it was fun :P

*Sigh* don't know how many such more memories we'll collect....

College over,result out,,,the only thing about college that is still pending is the collection of last semesters marksheets & provisional certificates,,,,,,& then the real journey will start.

Though we have made loads of plans but let’s see what happens…..!!

P.S. Sepo is on trip to south-east asia & I’m missing her,,,though in the recent past we didn’t meet that often but still the idea of her being in a different country & completely out of touch is …….again I’m in short of words :P

Sepo missing you loads….come back soon,,,,,,,,of course with loads of pics & loads of things to tell

With love


Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Hello everyone...!

Some people love to make a commotion in the public places, don’t they..? Can’t say whether or not they get/feel embarrassed but they sure make others around them suffer. Big time.

Well, here goes. Last week I and Vandy were on a job search. Going off to various companies with our resumes...! The process may seem like disheartening but we were very happy and excited about the whole thingy. Felt quite good to behave like normal adults for a change. The only thing that was making the whole process a tad bit sour was the ..... scorching sun and utterly humid weather. So after a few positives and lot of negatives, print-outs and Photostats plus a lot of up and down, we realised that we were hungry and hot and thirsty and tired. So we were on a look-out for a place to hang out. The kind of place whose name shouts loud and clear “sasta and tikau”. Well air conditioner was also an important criterion though not as important as the previous mentioned one.

So finally we decided to go to a Nescafe outlet. After ordering we relaxed and took a deep breath, read air conditioner-ed breath....! So amidst the channa masala, aaloo tikki buns, ice tea and cold coffee’s we began talking. Rather than talking we spent most of the time planning and fantasizing about our future holidays together. It was then when they appeared.........

The meek, scared looking girl and the angry (very angry) young man. The moment they entered they had undivided attention from one and all. Why? Well because they entered fighting and shouting...! not the girl (she was quite throughout) only the guy. Don’t have the slightest idea about what the girl had done, but it was something about forms and signatures and god knows what else. The uy was frowning all through and his face was inches away from the poor girl. Many a times I thought he was just on the verge of hitting her. But thankfully he spared us that horror. The cool atmosphere far from cooling him down kept raising his temperature. Few minutes later he even tore down the form in question into zillion pieces. Even after that the frown wasn’t ceased.

Vandy and I kept discussing about how the hell the girl is taking all the shit from this bull-shit of a guy. Well, if I would have been her I would surely have punched him right onto his nose and walked off leaving him wiping his bloody nose....!

Don’t know exactly what the relation between the two of them was. Were they in a relation? I strongly doubt...! After all who can put up with that brute of a man..! Well then, maybe he was her boss.....? Who knows...! But the wait..Hey...who the hell cares......! Bah humbug......!

Nonetheless, it was one hell of a tamasha.....! and a great entertainment for us...! we spent some good 3,4 hours there (not entirely for the tamashaa), we were busy discussing our own stuff. And yea we also had a brownie as the dessert....! haha.

Both of us thought that this incident was worth a blog post and so here it is....!

Loads of love

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friends Forever

Hello friends,,,so I’m back again. Well, frankly speaking after Eko’s birthday,,we guys didn’t hang out much but still I’m here and that’s because I was just watching a TV show ,,viz. channel V’s “Roomies” & I couldn’t stop myself from blogging. Now since our college is over,,,yeah it’s over,,,feels so bad to admit that ,,,so we don’t get a chance to meet each other that often (though we aren’t working yet),,,and to be very honest,,,now we are realizing the true value of friendship.

Really,,,the sisterhood that we share, is something that can’t be described in words.

Now coming to my friends,,,the most amazing thing that happened in the recent past was my trio becoming my quad,,,now like me Puji too has dual membership of YA-YA’s & PAANDVIS :P

This was the biggest surprise of my life,,well I guess I mentioned that in the post regarding my SSB experience. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. It feels great when Puji, Sepo & Eko gang up against me (well,they make life hell for me sometimes but still I love it). We, four, have so much in common, in a way we are synonymous of each other while in other cases we are totally opposite. From Puji’s birthday to Eko’s birthday, we have literally enjoyed like hell,,,we partied together,,,we planned surprises together & we even studied together (yeah,,,we studied on conference during exams too). I just love the way we are now,,,well touch wood to that.

Hmmm,,,okay apart from this there is some stuff that I guess i haven’t mentioned in the previous posts. A very big shocking news is that Eko’s cell was stolen on the day of our last exam of engineering,,,& few days back her Vodafone number was deactivated too,,,so no conferencing since then. But since we are not the kind of girls who just keep repenting over the past so we had a party on last day of exam too,,,it was fun the same day Puji got her new cell,,,one lost & other got new :P

Now coming to PAANDVIS,,well we(we refer to Puji & me only,,college is over now otherwise PAANDVIS & YA-YA’s would have been single group) had fun too. We went on a shopping spree,,,bought gifts for Shivi,,Puji & Reetz,,,their pending birthday gifts actually,,,and of course belated because earlier we were busy with college life. That reminds me that Jolly’s gift is still pending (her birthday was a day after Eko’s birthday) but since Reetz, Shivi & Jolly ,,are moving to Delhi so I guess we will have to wait for a really long time to get Jolly’s gift. Well this makes me sad too that I won’t be able to meet them for don’t know how long,,,but that’s how life goes on. Many guys of our class have already moved to Delhi,,,& talking to them on phone again makes us sad,,,I don’t know how it’s gonna be if even we have to move to different places like this :(

Anyways, here I’m wishing all my friends a bright future ahead.

With love


Friday, August 6, 2010


Hello people....! How have ya been? I am writing a post for divine after ages (and continuous complains by a certain Ms. Vandy). Well, now that the pleasantries have been exchanged, let’s get down to business. Business here involves the details of a birthday. Eku’s. 5th august 2010.

The buzz and prep for it started week ago. Yea you guess it right. Planning the surprises and all. Ms Arora plays a serious spoil sport all along, spoiling all the surprises at their nascent stages, right in the bud. How you ask? By poking her nose where it was definitely not wanted, guessing all the surprises beforehand. Ohh this girl small and all but is sharper than a rampuri....! either that or the rest of us are seriously dumb and careless. I ll go with the first possibility....!

Okie. So we (read Vandy) thought and made this flex for her, me and puji helped. A collage of our pics (special times) spent together. A cake (black forest). A room full of balloons (me and pooja were assigned the job of blowing up the damn things, trust me it was a thankless and difficult job. It was so hard sitting face to face blowing your lungs out, watching each other make funny noises and faces, after eying the piles of un-blown balloons trying hard to control your laugh, on top of it a certain person keeps calling and the air you blew comes out of the balloon. And by the end of it your mouth tastes like a balloon too. Sweet nuggets..!). Some roses. A few girlie titbits. We were supposed to be surprising her by sneaking up to her house in her absence but the little girl surprised us by not getting surprised at all and guessing the whole thing already. I mean WTH. Everything thing, all the planning went blah...! but still it was fun with all the pic clicking (yea we haven’t changed) and pulling Vandy’s leg, about the size of the balloons she got and many other things...! The most vivid memory in my mind of that day is the one of seriously ganging up against Vandy, other one being when I made the birthday girl broom the whole room and others search every nook and corner to find my “lost” pendrive, which apparently was resting in my back pocket!

So, when we settled down after the cake, sam arrived surprising us all by one more cake (butterscotch this time, yay) and a party pooper, that thing which you rotate at the bottom and it blasts scattering bunting bits and shiny pieces. Everyone (except me and eku) took turns in trying to make the damn thing work, finally Vandy succeeded in cracking, I mean blasting it open. I forgot about the movie I made. Well I really make these hilarious movies. Hilarious because one, they are funny and two, because there are many goof-ups (actually I am an amateur). This one had comparatively fewer mistakes. The birthday girl liked it.....i guess. Then we clicked some more pics, and when we were exhausted we ordered a pizza. That ended the day more or less.

Hey eku, hope you have a great year ahead and may you always shine and succeed in whatever you undertake. And sorry for not accompanying you to the gcet....! Spare me huh..!

Love ya

Kisses and hugs and a slap you-know-where.

Lots of love


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy birthday EKO muwaaahhhhhhhh......

I wonder, when I look at the end,

How different we were but still we became friends :P

Since then we have been together in ups & downs,

Be it masti, tragedy, pange, mischief or frown :P

Darling, you are so sweet & really damn easy to woo,

Doesn’t matter if Sepo says that you suck at your choice for shoe :P

I hope you appreciate my effort of making this poem rhyme,

By the way, I love your wind chime :P

We were together when the time was dark,

Don’t go into sea or you’ll get eaten by shark :P

When you smile, you look like bugs bunny,

I wanna tell that you really rock honey :P

I think I’ve written enough crap,

Hey do check your sandals for loose straps :P

You see at the end of each line I’ve shown my tongue,

We should stand up when the national anthem is being sung :P

At last, I’m wishing you a very happy birthday Eko,

And haan, iss creative poem se kuch seekho :P

with loads & loads of love
vandy (your sardarni :P)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My SSB experience!!!

No need to say how much I missed this place,,,,it has been ages since I’ve published anything here (most of my posts have this line ;)

Anyways,,,let me start. As Sepo has already told you about happenings of college,,, so I’ll begin with my SSB trip only.

Firstly, it was my first trip outside jammu without friends. Now others would have said “without family” but since I never had any trip with family so doesn’t matter & since parents are not allowed to stay in SSB center so there being with me in trip (so to say) was of no use.

My SSB was in Allahabad,,well known as rejection center. I happened to clear an army interview in college (don’t know how) so I got call letter & being adventurous I don’t miss any such thing. I was so excited about this thing but the only thing that bothered was “my friends were not with me”

My friends always treat me like a kid,,I’m so pampered ,,,without them,,,I don’t know what I’ll do. They keep on reminding me every little thing otherwise I’m so careless. They take care of everything. So I was worried how I’ll manage???

At MCO,,,when I saw other girls who also came for same SSB,,,I was like “these girls won’t even talk to me,,,these are having so much attitude”,,,,I just then called Sepo,,,and she told me to relax. Cellphones were not allowed & moreover prepaid of jammu doesn’t work outside state so that was a big problem.

Anyhow,,,everyone gathered in the SSB center & within no time we all knew each other’s names. We were allotted beds,, mine was near to Shutobha (aka bunty) & kulwinder (aka kullu),,,so these two became my friends instantly. Swati & Vinita (aka vini) also became friends. Everyone was talking,,,trying to get familiar with everyone else but I was missing my friends big time,,, I went to call them but,,,guess what??? That damn STD,,,I wasn’t able to get connected to my friends’ mobiles & I remembered landline of just one friend,,that was puji. But slowly I became accustomed to that place & people & within no time we became like chuddie-buddies. I used to tell them about my friends & I literally pissed off them with my senti stuff,,,,my friends & all. I showed them the heart that sepo & eko gave me,,,,I kept telling them what surprise gift I’m gonna give puji,,,,but they were really nice,,they always listened to my crap & yeah,,,I got one more name “senti aunty”

Bunty was screen out but kullu,,,swati & vini were with me till end of this. I made many more friends Monika, Pallavi, Puneet, Pooja, Shewata, Shikha,Raman,Meenakshi, Himansha,,long list,,forgive me if I skipped some names.

We had such a great time,,,we four were like the most “bindaas” girls of 14SSB & we enjoyed every moment,,,we used to gossip,,,we used to pull each other’s leg but at the same time we cared for each other too. We were alike in one way or the other so we got along so well.

All tasks went good ,,,except few but anyhow I enjoyed doing every task,,,especially snake race & individual obstacles ,,,I did them without hurting myself & in a single attempt. I was sure that swati & kullu will get through this & they really wanted that & guess what??? They got through it. Vini & I were not recommended but we were happy for our friends. But the last day was so gloomy,,,we hadn’t expected that we’ll get so close that it’ll become so hard to get apart. But as all good things come to an end so was this trip. But we took each other’s numbers & id’s & we’ll be in touch for sure.

On the whole it was an awesome blossom experience.

I came back home now but guess what now I’m missing my SSB friends.

Today I wanted to go to college to meet my friends but Eko called me to her place so that we could study or rather she could teach me as I still have to give one internal exam. I didn’t like the idea much because I wanted to meet Puji also so I told Eko to call her too but no response from her. Anyways I reached Eko’s stop & called Sepo,,,she said she’ll be late & I was like “what the hell?” I have so much to tell & she’ll be late.

So I entered Eko’s place,,,all alone & I opened the room reluctantly ,,,,and guess what Sepo already there with that “HEARTIEST WELCOME VANDY” poster,,,banner,,,whatever it is called. I was so happy. So I settled on the bed & started with my SSB stuff but Eko interrupted me & asked me to get book from cupboard so that we could study & I was like “grrrr”

It was too dark there & she said light isn’t working,,,so I opened it in dark & guess what??? Surprise again,,,,Puji was in cupboard,,,,I couldn’t have asked for anything else. For 5seconds I was in state of shock as it was too good to be true but it was the truth & Puji was there.

Picture abhi baki hai mere dost,,,,one more surprise…

Sepo had made a movie for me,,,,it was such a cute collection of pics & titles & cutest thing was the loads of mistakes Sepo did in that. I was on cloud nine by now.

But wait,,,,,one more surprise

And that was the blog post that Eko has posted before this one,,,,,,it was really so sweet.

I was feeling like a princess,,,really I’m so lucky to have friends like them.

Last surprise was Mexicana pizza of smoking-joes that they had ordered.

Man,,,I wasn’t believing my eyes. I had missed them so much & they too missed me but I wasn’t expecting so many surprises.

It was wonderful,,,,beautiful,,,,lovely,,,,actually can’t be described in words.

And I learned no matter how far we go,,,,we’ll friends forever.

With love


P.S. I'm happy to be with my friends again but I'm missing my SSB friends a big time :(

Tuesday, June 1, 2010



welcome back VANDANA alas VANDY,,,,,,,my sweetiepie.......

oh girl i missed so so days were dreaming,,,my nights were sleepless,,,,uff,,, u getting atleast a hint much i missed u......yeaa,,,,,U SHOULD.....
and tujhe to pata hi hai......sab kaam mujhe hi karna padhta hai,,,, :P here is something special 4 u....
the very 1st day u went,,,,,,i started missing u,,,,, :(
*sob* *sob*............(zyada overacting to nai ho rahi....:P)
no seriously,,,,ws mising u so much,,,,,,den n dere i decided i'll jot down every moment wenever u came in my mind,,,,,,,,n so i did :)

here's a list,,,,,wich actually ws a msg stored in my drafts,,,,,bt den i thot putting it in blog will b a better idea den msgin u........coz d msg wud appear like

*some text missing*
*some text missing*

so......m posting it here.....
(exactly d same as it ws saved in my cell)

FIRST DAY, 23rd of may
misin ur gudmrng wish
misin ur msgs
u r assiduous (saw dis word in dictionary,,,n it ws apt 4 u)
yaad ayi
yaad ayi
yaad ayi teri tongue ki :P
yaad ayi dominos wali pics dekhte hue,pooja k bday wali :P
fir yaad ayi,,,,,,,saw ur msg :( @12am

NEXT DAY, 24th of may
gudmrng :(
sapna aya tere points sandhya se zyaada hai....n u got selected
misd coz sneha ws home
misin writing G in msgs
misin comference talks
msgd sepo so yaad ayi teri :(

NEXT DAY, 25th of may
yaad ayi so msgd
jus remembered u n u cald :)
making nail art teri yaad mein :P

NEXT DAY, 26th of may
exam tha(sessional comp n/w ka)...exhausted (i dun want koi misunderstanding ho.... i din gave exam... :P)...just going 2 d clg...made me exhausted,,,,,itni garmi thi aaj,,,,ufff

NEXT DAY, 27th of may
syllabus dekh rahi hun,yaad aa gyi :(
sardarni yaad a gyi n tere baalon ki choti bhi :P
padhte hue neend aa rahi hai....ur trait....yaad aa gyi teri :P
itz raining.....reminded me tera hame tang karna,sonu ke dhabe ki maggi k naam se :P
@10pm,,,,,i ws sayin mum ko......i'll msg something 2 my frndz,,,,,i ws taking names frndz ke,,,,,,i din take ur name coz u ver nt here :(..........mum said VANDY??? i replied...mum.....ssb......n den my stupid silly bro commented.....aaye pehla stage clear kar liya....
i said :)
sardarni hai woh meri :P

NEXT DAY, 28th of may
gudmrng....all the best....
recalled u sayin.....FORTKUTS....
today is friday....schezwan khana hai?? chale ??
yaaaad aaaaa rahiiiii hai,,,,, teri yaaadd aa rahiii hai....(song)

NEXT DAY, 29th of may
me going 2 clg...miss u...
all the best 4 ur tasks...
yaadein yaad aati hain.....
oye sardarni.....kaise hue tasks...hmmm..

NEXT DAY, 30th of may
chalo best of luck for the result......jai mata di....
excited n nervous....kya hua tere result ka...??

mmm....just got ur msg...dun b upset....THINK....agar tu select ho jati totu humse away chali jati :( fir hum bechare kya karte :( :P ;)
THINK HATKE :) muwahhhh
luvya....chalo ab wapis aa jao jaldi se....n sambhalo apni zimmedariyan.... :P
chal ab jaldi aa....padhna shuru kar......AUR KITNE AAGE KARVAYENGE HUM EXAMS :P
:-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*
:-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

gandi ladki,,,,best frndz bna ki aayi,,,,,(frndz kehti to acha lagta :P)....isiliye bheja tha tujhe sardarni.....hhhmmmm
recald wen we gave u heart in the car......u ver over excited,,,muwahh,,,sardarni,,,,tu bhi na
@10pm sardarniii....(editd....chandniiii ooo meri chandniii)

NEXT DAY, 31st of may
scotchy gudmrng msg by a frnd reminded me d names wid wich u cal us...
@1pm....kya kar rahi hai,,,,kahan pahunchi,,,koi msg hi kar deti...grrr...:P
missing u alot,,,,,,,alot matlab,,,,,allotttt,,,,deerrrr saara....

FINALLY,,,,,,,1st of june
gudmrng janeman
kahan hai....itz 10 in the cal yet....
brushing my teeth,,,,,teri ek aadat yaad ayi,,,,,khane k baad stomach me haath lagake check karna,,,,,,aur jagah bachi hai ki nai......:P
thinking bout ur surprises.....:)
cleaned up the room,,,,,gave my room a new look,,,,,just 4 ur surprise.. :P
finally writing this blog post 4 u....
n M DONE....@4 pm...

P.S. 1 dis msg ws of 14 pages in my cell :P

P.S.2 hope u like the surprises....

P.S.3 misssedddd uuuu alllooootttttt...................