Thursday, December 9, 2010

Eko's joining ( or leaving)

Hello friends, I’m back as it’s my turn to write.

Honestly, I can’t recall the older posts ,, I just know the previous post was from Sepo & it was for me :P

I wasn’t here on my birthday & I missed my angels like hell. A lot has happened since then,,well a lot always happens between our two posts so no big deal. I don’t know where to start exactly but let me give you a crux of what happened since then. As you know our college ended months ago & since then we all were searching for job. Eko’s job search ended first of all when she got placed in IBM,,Sepo was second & I was the last. Though the best thing is Sepo & I got placed in same company, TCS & we hope to get the same office,,fingers crossed,,we are still waiting for our joining but guess what?? Eko is joining on this Monday,,ya,,she’ll be leaving for Noida tomorrow :(

No matter how happy we all were to get placed finally but we miss our college days like hell & now when we’ll start working,,we don’t know if we’ll be together or not. Seems like this is going to be the turning point of out lives,,,our terrific trio won’t be together. But I guess this is how life goes on.

Anyways, this message goes especially foe Eko as she’s leaving tomorrow:

Sweetheart we are so happy for you.

But since you won’t be here I’ll miss you like hell. It has been a habit to call you every time anything happens ,,no matter how significant or insignificant that might be. Remember, how you used to calm me down whenever I got tenses over petty issues & since you won’t be here,, who’ll teach me,,who’ll scold me when I go senti over things,,,who’ll say “vandy c’mon tu ab badi ho gyi hai”

Thousands of emotions & I don’t know how to express them.

Earlier it didn’t matter that much as I knew I’ll be meeting you there but now it feels different. Things won’t be same. We won’t be able to hang out like we do now,,we won’t be able to call each other so often as we do now. But as they say whatever happens, happens for the good.

Still ,, I’ll miss you like hell.

No matter how far we go,,we’ll be together always as our souls are connected. We wish you all the best for your future. May this new journey of your life bring loads & loads of happiness in your life. We’ll miss you a lot though.

With loads & loads of love


(your sardaarni)


  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwww :) :)

  2. stupid....!!
    u made me all teary teary...!!
    dun hv words to express how much i'll miss u guys n how m feeling bout going far 4m u(though it wil b only physically coz yes,,we r connected n will remain so....!!)
    luvya guys loads n loads...!!

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  4. कभी 'आदत.. मुस्कुराने की' पर भी पधारें !!

  5. So meaninful! can totally relate to how u guys feel!
    keep posting :)