Friday, November 25, 2011

Its Time Now, Really...

Last time the three of us were together.
Its time I wrote a post on this blog. I feel its been years since I last wrote something on this blog, its not like I don't want to or I have forgotten about it. But the thing is that I always forget to update it.

So much has happened in our lives since I last wrote on this blog. To begin with, the three of us (Me, Vandy and Eku) have been scattered and thrown in different parts of India (Delhi, Mumbai & Chennai). And I meet vandy last in Feb this year and eku in August this year (for like hour an hour). To say we miss each other would me an understatement of the year. WE PINE and LUST for each other (oh no not in that way) but yea I really lust for their company. I pray hard for a time when the three of us will be together like before. Sharing happiness and sorrows. Fighting and making up. Pizza's and celebrations.

This post is basically to let know that I MISS MY ANGELS :-( every minute of every day!)

lots of love and good luck!


Your birthday was so special always. Days ahead and planning and plotting, discussions on gifts. This year your birthday came and went, without any excitement or joy or happiness.

I guess all our birthday's will be like this only!! I HATE THIS :(