Friday, September 17, 2010

We are graduates now :P

Result of 8th semester out & we became engineers finally but instead of feeling happy, I’m feeling weird,,as if I’m leaving something important behind,,,as if I’m going away from something that is very dear to me.

Maybe it’s because of the fact that I won’t be able to live those college moments again or maybe because now I won’t get to meet my friends that often,,but that’s how life goes on *sigh*

Anyways, coming back, the result was out quite suddenly,,but then it is out always like that.

We all got distinctions (I was just 0.1% short to it,,but still :P). our group studies paid :)

No matter how much I hated exams,, I’m gonna miss them like hell,,,especially my friends’ scolding :P

we met on the day on result itself. I went to Eko's place then Sepo's place. Though we didn't celebrated it in a big way but still with my favorite cornetto,,,it was fun :P

*Sigh* don't know how many such more memories we'll collect....

College over,result out,,,the only thing about college that is still pending is the collection of last semesters marksheets & provisional certificates,,,,,,& then the real journey will start.

Though we have made loads of plans but let’s see what happens…..!!

P.S. Sepo is on trip to south-east asia & I’m missing her,,,though in the recent past we didn’t meet that often but still the idea of her being in a different country & completely out of touch is …….again I’m in short of words :P

Sepo missing you loads….come back soon,,,,,,,,of course with loads of pics & loads of things to tell

With love