Friday, November 25, 2011

Its Time Now, Really...

Last time the three of us were together.
Its time I wrote a post on this blog. I feel its been years since I last wrote something on this blog, its not like I don't want to or I have forgotten about it. But the thing is that I always forget to update it.

So much has happened in our lives since I last wrote on this blog. To begin with, the three of us (Me, Vandy and Eku) have been scattered and thrown in different parts of India (Delhi, Mumbai & Chennai). And I meet vandy last in Feb this year and eku in August this year (for like hour an hour). To say we miss each other would me an understatement of the year. WE PINE and LUST for each other (oh no not in that way) but yea I really lust for their company. I pray hard for a time when the three of us will be together like before. Sharing happiness and sorrows. Fighting and making up. Pizza's and celebrations.

This post is basically to let know that I MISS MY ANGELS :-( every minute of every day!)

lots of love and good luck!


Your birthday was so special always. Days ahead and planning and plotting, discussions on gifts. This year your birthday came and went, without any excitement or joy or happiness.

I guess all our birthday's will be like this only!! I HATE THIS :(

Thursday, September 29, 2011

After six months :P

Time really flies away,,,couldn’t think of a better line to start this post :P
Six months have passed since I left this place,,,Eko left for Delhi (IBM),,,Sepo left for Mumbai (TCS) & then I left for Chennai (OTA)
They say time & distance change many things but for us things are still the same. We may be miles apart from each other but the bond still remains the same.
Few days back I met Eko & Puji,,after six months but still haven’t met Sepo,,for about more than six months now but that doesn’t change anything.
Though there was less communication between me & others but still I was updated timely about the latest happenings in their lives.
In these six months a lot has happened in our lives,,,so many changes but still we share the same bond.
Still at those difficult times,,nothing can comfort us better than the company of other & there had been hell lot of difficult times in this period of six months.,,,,hmmmm,,,,,there’s so much I want to write but I’m not able to,,,seems like these six months have killed the writer in me. Anyways,,,I’m really very grateful to God for giving me such wonderful friends,,,I guess it says it all :)
Cheers to our Friendship
Cheers to our Sisterhood
With loads & loads of love

Thursday, March 3, 2011

An adieu

Saying good-bye has never been easy. I am leaving for Mumbai tomorrow and as the time to go is coming nearer, I am getting quieter. I don't know what will happen tomorrow when I leave my home sweet home tomorrow and say bye to my mother. I don't want to cry coz if i start I know I won't be able to stop!

Things were not on a bright side when my darling vandy came to bid farewell with gifts and flowers. I was trying hard not to make eye contact because again I did not want to cry :( Its so much more difficult than just a simple bye. But what makes me happy is that this distance will make us come more closer and our bond will grow more deeper than it already is!

A collage of beautiful moments spent togther!

thankyou vandyy!

crazy indeed :P

thanks a tonn vandy darlingg! I will cherish all these pretty gifts you got for me, also the red rose whose pic I forgot to take! And don't worry I will not search for a same surname wala guy :P

p.s I love you.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

New world waiting for Sepo...!!!


Time really flies away leaving trails of memories behind.

So much has happened since I wrote last (my favorite line for this blog :P)

Well I guess that’s what we call life,,,totally unpredictable,,,,surprises,,,shocks,,,,so much it has stored for us,,,,,,strange things & strange experiences,,,,that we can’t imagine even in our wildest dreams.

We plan something but something different happens.

But that’s the charm of this journey called life…!!!!!

Last time I wrote about Eko’s joining & guess what this time it is Sepo’s joining.

Ya she’s joining TCS on 7th march ,,that too in Mumbai

When she told me I was in a state of shock,,,at first I thought it was a prank but when she read out few lines of joining letter for me I gotta know that this is the bitter reality. I knew it was coming but THIS SOON & THAT FAR,,,I hadn’t thought,,,we had some other plans,,,we wanted to cherish our last few days together in our hometown but LIFE,,,,life has some other plans for us.

Okay I’m not going to tell again how sad I was & how bad it felt because its all past now and “HUM HUM HAIN AND JAHAN HUM HAIN VAHAN GHUM KAISE HO SAKTA HAI :P”

Distance doesn’t matter I guess as long as you really love each other,,,,,no no no,,,,not that way,,,,though we walk hand in hand,,,,talk like lovers & our own Eko says that we behave like Lesbos but we are straight :P

I don’t think there’s any need to mention what all fun we did together because that’s what this blog is all about.

THIS BLOG,,,this changed my mood actually,,,,,I was deeply in shock but then I read a few posts & two days later I watched the movie “divine secrets of the ya ya sisterhood” (we got the name of this blog from the novel on which this movie is based) and I was happy again.

Why I’m mentioning this,,,,because I just remembered the time when we thought about this blog. I don’t remember how the conversation started,,,,but I know why it started,,,,it started because,,,,we were so happy with our lives,,,,we were happy that we were friends,,,,happy that we were together cherishing every bit of life without actually caring about what others will think & what others will say,,,,we lived our life to fullest and we wanted that where ever we go these memories should stay with us,,,,forever & instead of making a scrapbook,,,we created this blog,,,,a testimony of the beautiful,,,fun filled moments we spend together.We never compromised with fun & still we got what we wanted. As Sepo says,,,,we are beauties with brains & I’ll add we are beauties with brains & a generous heart too :)

(Writing the above para in past doesn’t mean that we don’t enjoy now,,,we still continue to have fun)

We used to say,,,rather we still say,,,when our grandchildren will read this,,,,they’ll be like “our grannys were hell lotta fun” :P

The day I got the news of Sepo’s joining was no doubt a doomsday but the next two days were hell lotta fun. We went for shopping,,,oh yes,,,finally,,,,these girls have made me so damn girly,,,,so we got these earrings,,clip-ons,,,matching rubber bands,,,ballerinas,,clothes,,,bangles,,,the list is endless & so are our adventures :P

and we had our favorite cheese burst pizza too,,,,WE LOVE PIZZA….!!!!!!

Next day we went to movie,,,”Tanu weds Manu”,,,,,first day second show,,,got a pic clicked with RJ’s of BIG 92.7 FM,,,movie was fun,,,,then we went for window shopping,,,though I hated it a lot but now I’ve kinda started liking it ,,,I tell you I’m becoming so damn girly :P

We had discussions about our future life,,,,something we discuss quite oftenly,,,our future plans,,,where we’ll go for shopping,,,eating & vacations ;)

No doubt,,,,it'll be hard to get separated this way but we know it doesn't matter that much because,,,,we are soulmates & we'll be together always,,,no matter how far we go.

With hopes & dreams of new life,,,we accepted this change too,,,,with a smile,,,,,,,that’s how OUR life goes on.

With love


P.S. sepo,,,,I’ll be there soon & we’ll enjoy a lot,,,,,,,,,,,still I’ll miss you ,,,,,miss you very much

P.S. 2 loads & loads of wishes for your new world

Love you loads sweetheart,,,muwaaaahhhhhhhh

Friday, January 7, 2011



Our vandy is vandy no more! She is LT. VANDANA SLATHIA.

Isn't it just so great? All of us are ecstatic. And HAPPY. And PROUD. And a lot of other similar adjectives!!!

Her hard-word and will power has paid off, feels so good! Her dream has finally come true! :)

When she called up in the morning (before the result) she was not sounded so good and was even a little low.I guess i was more nervous than her after that. But somewhere deep down I knew God must have thought something good and great for her. When my phone rang eventually I just knew the way she said "hello". I actually congratulated her before she told me anything!! We both had tears in our eyes, I few, she had a lot (GUESSING FROM THE STATE OF HER VOICE)!

okie! congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

happy new year!

Hello everyone. Wish you all a very happy new year!

Eku has left for Delhi a long back and so has vandy! She will be leaving for Allahabad as I am writing this post !!!

I have nothing interesting to write about, hence I will just put of some pics of the last time we all met (including geetanjali)!

i eat pizza with a new style while geet looks on with a mouthful.

sharing a thing or two,captured them at the perfect time!

a very good attempt to capture all of us by rhydthm

We had loads of fun that day, each guest came at intervals (not at all regular). I being the most punctual (:P) was the first to arrive, soon followed by vandy. We wandered from dominoes to barista waiting for others. We finally quenched our thirsts with a fruit punch @ barista. Geet was next to arrive. We ordered. Next to come was pooja and the double burst pizza! And choco lava :P ritz was next!

After a lot of time (and calls), some wanderings (and more calls), it was finally decided that eku is coming as well (straight from delhi) with sam (from jammu itself). While roaming about in the mall we also met Rahil. later all of us came together for a group photograph. That pretty much ended the day!

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