Thursday, March 3, 2011

An adieu

Saying good-bye has never been easy. I am leaving for Mumbai tomorrow and as the time to go is coming nearer, I am getting quieter. I don't know what will happen tomorrow when I leave my home sweet home tomorrow and say bye to my mother. I don't want to cry coz if i start I know I won't be able to stop!

Things were not on a bright side when my darling vandy came to bid farewell with gifts and flowers. I was trying hard not to make eye contact because again I did not want to cry :( Its so much more difficult than just a simple bye. But what makes me happy is that this distance will make us come more closer and our bond will grow more deeper than it already is!

A collage of beautiful moments spent togther!

thankyou vandyy!

crazy indeed :P

thanks a tonn vandy darlingg! I will cherish all these pretty gifts you got for me, also the red rose whose pic I forgot to take! And don't worry I will not search for a same surname wala guy :P

p.s I love you.


  1. can't even say hw much i'm gonna miss u
    can't even explain hw much u mean to me
    but i can definitely say that i'm gonna miss u a ton

    tkcare of urself sweetheart,,,,hope u'll find great friends there (not as great as me :P)

    luvya loads

    P.S. the main gift is pending and that u'll get tmrw

  2. Leaving close friends is always difficult. Best of Luck

  3. Best of luck for not crying, I know i won't be able to stop myself form crying in this situation.

  4. itz 1:00 am wen m reading dis post....@ office...!! n m all teary..!! luvya both loads...!!missya...!!