Thursday, September 29, 2011

After six months :P

Time really flies away,,,couldn’t think of a better line to start this post :P
Six months have passed since I left this place,,,Eko left for Delhi (IBM),,,Sepo left for Mumbai (TCS) & then I left for Chennai (OTA)
They say time & distance change many things but for us things are still the same. We may be miles apart from each other but the bond still remains the same.
Few days back I met Eko & Puji,,after six months but still haven’t met Sepo,,for about more than six months now but that doesn’t change anything.
Though there was less communication between me & others but still I was updated timely about the latest happenings in their lives.
In these six months a lot has happened in our lives,,,so many changes but still we share the same bond.
Still at those difficult times,,nothing can comfort us better than the company of other & there had been hell lot of difficult times in this period of six months.,,,,hmmmm,,,,,there’s so much I want to write but I’m not able to,,,seems like these six months have killed the writer in me. Anyways,,,I’m really very grateful to God for giving me such wonderful friends,,,I guess it says it all :)
Cheers to our Friendship
Cheers to our Sisterhood
With loads & loads of love


  1. three cheers 2
    ur friendship
    ur sisterhood
    ur luv
    God Bless ur three's company.............

  2. आपकी ये दोस्ती बनी रहे!!

  3. सलाम दोस्ती को ......!