Wednesday, February 24, 2010


(“Paandvis” group are Nokia girls. Puji has 7210,,Shivi has 5130,,,Reetz has N72,,Jolly has 5233 & I’ve 2700. BTW Sepo & Eko are also Nokia girls,,,Sepo has 6085 & Eko has 6300,,,my old phone )

“Yaar your cell (2700) is so sleek. It’s so gurlie.”

Yeah because it’s cheapest of all.

“My cell (N72) is so big”

Still it has a flash

“My cell (5233) is also so big & I keep on worrying when its touch screen gets damaged”

But its picture quality is awesome

This discussion was going on between Reetz,Jolly & silent thoughts are mine. We all had some complaints about our cells but all of a sudden we started liking our cell phones. Reason behind this transformation,,,,is something that happened moments later.

We had some work at post office so we decided to have a bit of fun also. We started our expedition from Flyover Bridge, where Eko dropped us. Jolly has became very fond of Eko’s driving though others were holding their breath while Eko was driving :P

Jolly, Reetz & me,,,,,were together & Shivi & Puji were racing ahead. Though I’m quite used to walking & I walk a lot but that Punjabi jutti was hurting me like hell so I couldn’t keep up with Shivi & Puji. I was enjoying Jolly’s gossips so who cares how much that damn jutti was hurting. We three were stopping every now & then to explore every nook & corner & hence were calling Shivi to stop,,,pay per second is a bliss :P (Puji’s cell isn’t working properly for the past few days.)

We went to Baniya supermarket, Ragunath Bazaar, then stopped at juice corner, then to buy rubbers, then ear rings at Kanchi’s stall, at Kulche vala vendor, mehandi vala, cosmetics shop to look for new shades of nail paints(though I’ve became sort of saint,,,,nail cut,,,no earrings,,no chains ,,nothing),,to buy drink for Jolly,,maaza only :P

Finally at Post Office,,Kacchi chawni. Suddenly Reetz realized that she forgot registration number & had to call home but…………….BANG……………….where’s her cell?????????

Shivi & I called but switched off.

Oh f***,,,,,that means someone has got the cell,,,maybe Reetz dropped it somewhere or she left it somewhere,,,,,but where????

We decided to trace our path back. We divided into two groups,,,Jolly & Reetz decided to go straight to Ragunath Bazaar(where Reetz used her cell for the last time) & Shivi,,Puji & I decided to trace the whole path back.

We stopped at every stop again but no clue of cell. Strange thoughts began to emerge in my mind. Perhaps it was because of me.

My cell was lost & I borrowed money from Reetz that’s why her cell got lost.

Reetz & I recently got consecutive numbers, that’s why her cell got lost.

I’m so unlucky.

Reetz’s dad’s cell also got lost few days back & recently uncle got a new cell,,,,this news will be a blunder for Reetz,,,,how she’s gonna deal with all this???

I managed after theft of my cell as I still haven’t told the truth I simply told that it was damaged so I sold it,,,,,,but it’s gonna be tough for Reetz as she can’t lie,,,,yeah yeah female version of Harish Chander still exists

We enquired at few places but no clue of cell,,,finally we came to Ragunath Bazaar,, where we met Jolly & Reetz again. Tears were visible in Reetz’s eye,,,that means they didn’t got the cell,,,,,,,,,,,no hope now,,,but Jolly refused to give up,,,though Reetz was telling time & again that there’s no use to waste time & we should return now. We followed Jolly’s instructions & came back to Purani Mandi,,,our last hope was the Kanchi from where we bought ear rings. Puji & Shivi were asking as why I didn’t bother to ask that Kanchi,,,but for me all Kanchi’s are the same & I couldn’t recall the exact Kanchi. Same was with Jolly but still she was asking every Kanchi there. All our energy was gone. Shivi & Puji who were racing ahead were now at the last & Jolly who’s always the last was leading us. Finally we came to the exact Kanchi,,,Jolly is too clever,,,she simply said, “Hey we came here moments before & left our cell here. Give it back to us.”

Kanchi replied, “Oh yeah,,,it’s here” getting the cell out of her bag.

We couldn’t believe our ears & then our eyes. We started jumping & hugging & all. Huh,,,,,,,,,finally we got the cell. All thanks to Jolly. Why she wasn’t with me in Roorkee :(

Reetz gave 100 rupees to Kanchi & promised us a treat.

Well good people deserve good.

Thank God.

With love


P.S. two days after Rags’ cell,,,,,,,,,,,,again N72 was lost when we were coming back home,,,maybe because he was with me,,,,,,,I’m really unlucky :(

Monday, February 22, 2010


I recently visited Delhi where I had loads of fun and like always I want to share the insides of the trip with you guys. I left Jammu on last Sunday i.e. 14.02.2010. My train ticket was a RAC. Hmm, the beginning not good at all. I will spare you the trauma of that night in the train. But yeah, it was sleepless and by the morning my back was almost broken. I passed my time reading Paulo Coelho. The train was late by an hour or so, and reached Delhi at around 6 in the morning on the platform number 16. I was told it stops at platform number 1. Another not so bright moment.

Nevertheless I stood waiting and spotted my di and jiju. Aahh such a relief. After hugs and kisses we walked to the platform number 1, where they had parked the car (apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought the train will stop at platform 1). I came to know later that di & jiju had to go back and forth the platforms. Now this was the first time I was actually staying with di’s in laws so naturally I was intimidated. But that fear slowly decreased and towards the end vanished in thin air. My di showed me up and I braced myself to get ready.

I had a smile on my face when I spotted in the washroom my favorite soap, the shampoo that I use and all the stuff that I use. Thank god for sisters. World would have been a miserable place without them. My sister had even bought a night dress for me as she knew I did not have a “good” one. (Good as per my standards that is). She had to go her office and I was with jiju and aunty and uncle. Talking to them unaware as in when I dozed off to sleep (I was dead tired). Woke up late in the evening (lunch inbetween). So my first day was spent in home apart from the small outing to the nearby market which was awesome. Everything is available there. EVERYTHING. You name it and you ll find it. It was great.

Next day was fantabulous. I had watched this show on MTV called WEIRD FOOD GUIDE. In that they had shown this place KARIM’s.
It’s a very famous food outlet which goes way back to Akbar ka zamana. Its some 5000 years old. Though it’s grown hugely over the years and has many branches, the oldest and original one is in Chandini Chowk of Delhi. I always had this fascination of visiting both Chandini chowk and karim’s. Had some mouth watering food there at karim’s. Mutton biriyani, kebabs, chicken mmmmm yummmmmy. Roamed all around the market of Chandini chowk (oldest market of Delhi). It had great Indian feeling to it. Street vendors were selling wow foods but I had to save a place for karim’s. I was about to faint with all that wandering (I wanted to see each and every part of Chandini chowk) so we took a rickshaw and went to JAMA MASJID, LAL KILLA and SIS GANJ GURUDWARA (where I missed Vandy a lot, there were soo many great looking Sardars there, she would surely have gone GA-GA over them). By the way, I forgot to mention that whole travel that day was done in the metro. The to-fro ride in the metro was mind blowing (it was my first time).
Next day Wednesday, I went to visit some relatives in south Delhi. Saw IIT DELHI on the way and automatically looked here and there scanning every nook and corner for the SASI’s but was disappointed, maybe it was just fiction (5 point someone). Also had a great lunch at delhi darbar.

Thursday went to malls and markets with di (Karol Bagh, Rajori Garden, Janak Puri etc etc etc etc). Had loads of fun and food. And of course shopping. Got to see and eat a lot of new, great stuff.

On Friday finally jiju took a day off and we went to many places. Started off with MUGHAL GARDENS. Situated right behind the RASTRAPATI BHAVAN its took us almost an hour to find it (we were 5 mins away from it... !!!!). We kept going round and round and ended up coming to the same place again and again. But one thing I want to mention is that people there are so friendly and helpful. You ask them one simple address and they tell you all they know about it, including the optimum fare for rickshaw/ three wheeler. So finally we found the way and entered. There was this announcement that camera’s, pendrive, pen, pencil, eatables, bags and not even car keys were allowed inside. DAMN. All the beautiful places I saw didn’t allow camera’s inside. Mughal gardens are open to visitors only for 2 weeks in a year so I was feeling quite lucky. And the view inside for spectacular. I was spellbound by the beauty and colourful flowers. The different variety of roses, the herbal garden, the musical fountain, all was fantastic. Also walked on the road where the republic day parade is held. From there we went to RAJGHAT paid respect to Gandhiji. Saw other SAMADHI’S too. Next stop was at the ZOO sadly it was closed, so we went to PURANA KILLA. True to its name it was purana and under maintenance. We stopped for some snacks inbetween. Stopped at the INDIA GATE next. Next roamed in the CONNAUGHT PLACE and PALIKA BAZAR and the Connaught place garden. Had lip smacking lunch at KFC and my favourite pizza at PIZZA HUT. Finally went to the BIRLA MANDIR. Came back home with a throbbing headache.

Saturday went to AKSHARDHAM TEMPLE which is in NOIDA. There were a few other places we had in mind to visit that day, started with ashardham. To enter inside took more than an hour, comprising of strict security checks and again NO CAMERA. The TEMPLE was huge, huge very huge. To just look around took some good two hours. Next we went to this exhibition. We had no idea about what it was or would be but we took tickets. It started with a brief introduction of GOD SWAMINARAYAN (for whom the chain of ashardham temples is build). Next was a play about god swaminarayan’s life. It has a background voice and dolls dressed up which moved and lip synced in coordination with the voice. Each play was of some 10- 15 minutes and there were some 5-6 plays, one is required to chance the hall and move to the next one. Also the set-up was beautifully done. Like there was a play about hardships swaminarayan faced... and that set comprised of a waterfall, trees and the blue sky with clouds, the hall being dark and each place and person focussed with the help of lights. There was also a movie about the life of the god in theatre 85'*65'screen (it was not boring). But the thing I loved was the boat ride. Now it was not some ordinary boat ride. It was a journey through the history of India sanskruti vihar indai's glorious heritage. It moved automatically (without rowing) through the Vedic culture showing gurukuls, students, etc on the both sides of the bank. It was basically a tunnel through which the boat moved and on both sides of the water were depictions. There were a lot of things and a voice in the background described everything. There was aryabatta, sushruta, medicinal study, cosmic study in ancient India and all the stuff that we learned in history. The various dance forms. The Ajanta ellora caves. It was the journey of India from past to present depicting how far we have come and where we have to reach and what is the correct way to going there. It was wow. And I was sad when the ride came to an end. Mesmerising it was. Then we had food there in the temple (it has a nice bag eatery point which serves great vegetarian food, snacks everything). We had different varieties of food and ice-cream (I had the ICE CHUSKI). Went to the garden there which was good (not as good as the mughal garden) and had statues of the who’s who of the Indian culture. Religious leaders, spiritual leaders, patriotic leaders, great sons of India. I was unaware that the best it yet to come. There was also this musical fountain which started at 6 45. We were double minded whether or not to wait for it but finally decided to give it a try. And trust me it was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. I have witnessed a musical fountain in dark before but there was no comparison to this one. It was ........ (speechless). It was themed on the three gods BRAMHA ( music- veena) , Vishnu (music- flute) and Mahesh (music- damroo). The music, the lights the water and the silent chanting of vishu sahasthyan... the atmosphere was divine and mystic. Everyone including me was lost.....

The last day Sunday was basically spent in deciding which nearby places should be visited so as to reach back in time (had a train to catch in the evening). So went to this nearby district park, which has this beautiful artificial lake surrounded by ducks. Stayed there for some time, strolled in the nearby market. Ate cheese burst and Choc√≥ lava at dominoes (Vandy are you listening). Came back. Watched a pathetic movie called MY NAME IS KHAN. Then came the time to go. I didn’t want to go back. I was given soo much love (and gifts) by uncle and aunty that I m sure I will keep visiting them. Love and miss them all loads.

With love

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gals & gossips :D

(Me, Puji, Reetz, Jolly & Shivi are together since starting from the college,,,,I guess I’m using this line too often :P,,,.We call ourselves “Paanch Paandvis” and sometimes “Hum Paanch”)

First day of our last semester. Though it’s the last semester still I didn’t want to attend college so soon,,,though I’m at home since past 17days :P

I was kind of enjoying these holidays,,,but some restless creatures of our class just can’t stand others happiness & they went to college so from today we also have to go.

Sepo isn’t here,,,she’s in Delhi & I’m missing her like hell. Most of the calls that I receive are from Sepo,,I guess if I had a bf,,even he wouldn’t had called me so much,,,,, but now since she isn’t here ,,,,I keep on starting my cell thinking that,,,maybe she’ll call from Delhi but I guess she’s busy,,,well no complaints,,,afterall she has been to Di’s home after so long.

I was waiting at my stop when Eko came,,,thank God I got company otherwise walking from college gate to class alone is like road to hell. Both of us started talking about Sepo,,,,we both are missing her so badly. We reached college early,,,that’s because we were unaware of college timing. Few more were also there who started discussion about GATE,,,thank God they were telling interesting stuff that happened during the exam & not about the silly questions that appeared in exam. I was wondering if Sepo would have been there,,,she would really be rofl’ing.

Anyways Puji,Shivi,Jolly & Reetz joined a few minutes later. I was missing this gang also.

We really wanna go on a trip so we were convincing our teacher. He agreed to take us to kannneda & said that he’ll remain there & we can come back. Sikhs are really too crazy for Canada. A female teacher who’s also a sikh,,is already the favorite of all guys,,though she’s married & has a son(he’s so cute,,,I love him).

We started discussing about movies,,serials,,,phones & all. I hate discussing about movies & serials but who cares. Puji left early then we four started bitching about someone whom we really hate,,,Puji will kill us when she’ll get to know we gossiped so much without her :P

Though I hate this thing also but I was kind of enjoying it that moment. Reetz is always patient but she was kind of restless,,,when asked she told that she wanna go home early as she didn’t want to miss “rahul ka swayamwar,,,WTF

For about three hours we kept on discussing,,, ordered chowmein from canteen in between & changed place from canteen to lovers garden. After we had talked & bitched to our hearts content (well near to heart’s content,,,as girls can’t be contented ever when it comes to bitching & gossiping),,,we decided to leave. Our discussion covered all aspects,,,movies,,,serials,,,phones,,,relationships,,classmates,,,festivals,,,studies,,,trips,,migration of my family & their families,,,,,,almost everything on this universe actually but most of the time when others were talking I was thinking about Sepo & obviously supplying my “Hmmm’s” & “Yaaa’s” in between. But I really enjoyed their discussion,,,,as I’ve missed this gang so much & now I’m missing Sepo.

With love


P.S. Sepo I’m missing you,,,come back soon.

P.S. 2 Jolly’s new phone is so damn cool,,,,wanna buy that but presently I’ve to pay 700bucks back to Reetz & choti so have to be contended with my own cell for the time being :P

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Haircut 13.02.2010

It’s been some three months since; I have wanted to get a new hairdo. Was bored with the same kind of look, I have been supporting since ages now. I wanted this fringe cut (some call it sadana cut) but there were three things going against me, for getting that cut...

1. I have this serious acne problem and applying medicines would have been a problem with hair all over my forehead.

2. This particular hairstyle was getting very common and every tom, dick and harry was seen supporting this look.

3. My dad would have killed me for sure....!!!

But I love my hair and to part with it (even in small bits) in an emotional trauma for me. So every time I went to my hair dresser, I kept telling him “mujhe haircut karvana hai”. “Naya look chaheye”. “Kaisa cut accha lgega”. But then my mind kept changing and I thought ki lambe Baal ki good hai.

But, with passing time the urge to cut my hair increased with an alarming speed, so finally I decided to cut my hair. After scanning various magazines and googling number of “latest looks”, I still was undecided. But I kinda liked DEEPIKA’s look from KARTHIK CALLING KARTHIK. So, on the whole was still undecided about my look. Called up Vandy in the morning.... and told her that I was going for a haircut.

She was like “what...? On a Saturday”.

And I was like “ohh please, what’s with the Saturday now”.

Actually I have least amount of knowledge about all these days, some days you are not supposed to wash your hair, marg ka mihina etc etc. And due to it I am called adharmi by Vandy. Phewww...!!!

Met up with Eku, outside the parlour, spotted and waved her when we were still miles away. She started to come towards me. It was a typical Hindi movie scene... both of us coming towards each other, all smiles, arms out spread. Though, we had met few days before, I missed her and from the look upon her face, it seemed she missed me too. We went inside said the hi’s and hello’s. I got geared up. The hairdresser started working on my hair, without giving me a chance to say anything. I panicked when I saw him pick up the scissors, so I asked him “konsa style?” and he was like “vo mat poocho bas dekhte jao”.
I kept telling him “length kaam mat karna”. “Different look aane chaheye”. He didn’t reply to any of this and kept cutting my hair. Now I just love my hair, and every time I go for a haircut, I end up getting depressed like anything... thinking ki just a few minutes ago they were a part of me and now they are gone....!!

However this time, eku kept my spirits high by clicking pics throughout. The hairdresser was smiling... he had to... after all I m his regular visitor and he couldn’t dare to say anything against. So finally the hair was cut and I kept asking eku “yaar, zada short toh nhi hue hai naa”.

She kept saying “no, baby ... good lag rhe hai”.

She didn’t lose her cool, when I asked the same question 78th time. We went out and clicked pics, there were these two uncles’s who kept staring, as though we had come from a different world altogether...!!!

After that we went to archies, in this whole valentine’s week, we have made numerous visits to the archies for various reasons/occasions (not remotely related to valentines). This particular trip was enough, and we decided to buy some little sweet thing for each other. It’s so strange how you crave for simple things.... and what’s more strange is the fact that they make you happy and content. So we bought these two pink hearts (small only in size, not in cost)...!!! Gifted them to each other... who says valentines only for lovers...?? We say it’s for friends as well....

We decided to celebrate further and as I m going to Delhi we decided we should spend some time together. We headed for CCD. It was brimming with couples. We sat, and as usual fought like cat/mouse for the order. The waiter came two times to take our order, but we had to shun him by saying “still deciding”. So finally we ordered “ROSEMARY VEG SUBMARINE” (we always fight and end up eating this) and ICED ESKIMO which mysteriously changed into COLD SPARKLE...!
The couple adjacent to us started fighting, with the girl saying “tujhe toh meri parva he nhi hai”. I burst out laughing and Eku gave me a look, which meant “behave yourself”. And there was this pathetic group of guys sitting right in front who kept staring as if they had never seen a girl before. And when they started fiddling with their phones, we quickly finished up and went (no we were not scared, but pitied them...!!!)

After that Eku parked the car to drop me, but we ended up spending half an hour chatting inside the car. Taking pics, deciding which clothes I should take with by (I am going to Delhi). After a lot of talking and many pics, I finally left and Eku reminded me for the N Th time “Mere liye kuch laana Delhi se”. I gave her a smile a hug and a flaying kiss.

After I went to the recharge shop (yea again) and got a recharge card for me and a message pack for Vandy...!! We all are vodaphone girls now, waiting for Eku to get one too. And BTW Eku has GATE ka exam on the 14th Feb. so wishing her all the very best.
Happy Valentine’s Day to all :P

With love

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vandy's new phone & new connection!!

(Reetz is one of my closest friends. Like Puji, she’s with me since the starting of college. Though we don’t spend much time in college together,,but we spend a lot of time together outside college,,shopping & all. Reetz, Puji & I along with two other girl friends of ours form a gang of girls,that we call “Hum paanch” or “paanch paandvis”)

Although the past few weeks were full of happenings for me,,food, fun & shopping sprees, but more than enjoying them, I was kind of restless,,,why?,,even I don’t know?? So I thought let me meet Reetz,,as she is one of the few persons who can really take this restless out of you. You need not to discuss anything with her. Just talk to her & you will find peace,,,a strange kind of calmness,,lightless,,,as if you are floating,,,something like that I don’t know exactly. She is so calm & patient, perhaps the sweetest person I have ever met in my life,,,so selfless.

Reetz & I were planning to get new pre-paid connections. Moreover I was thinking to buy a new phone,,it has been three & a half months since my old cell got lost. But I was in real short of money,,partly because I never save & partly because I spend a lot. Somehow I collected 4 grands,,2 grands I had saved from Roorkee trip,,one grand & 300 bucks from selling my old course books,,,books are our best friends afterall,,,400 bucks I borrowed from choti(my younger sis) & final 300 bucks from Reetz. Initially I thought about buying Spice dual sim phone so that I could have my old as well as new number but then Puji told me that Nokia 2700 costs only 4 grands so I became double minded & finally decided to buy Nokia only though I know 2700 won’t have good picture quality as my old 6300 but now since I come under category of BPL so I’ve to be complacent with this handset only :P

I was waiting for Reetz outside jewel theatre which by the way is deserted since the past few years,, hope it gets renovated soon so that we’ll have few good multiplexes in jammu. Anyways coming back to the scene,,more than half an hour had passed since I was waiting for Reetz but there wasn’t any sign of her. I can’t be angry with her ever,,,,even if I want to,,,so I had to wait patiently. I was surrounded by these local buses,, autos,,beggars,,bikes,,people ,,almost whole universe. My ears were literally paining,,hearing the conductors shouting “narwal batindi bhatindi narwal”,,, “channi narwal”,, “bawe university”,,etc. I’ve learned their accent & their words by heart,,perhaps I can be the first lady conductor of jammu :D

Then those little kid-beggars start pulling by dupatta saying “didi pass ho jayegi”,,,thank god there wasn’t any guy standing with me otherwise she would have said “teri Jodi salamat rehe”. I became tired of waiting & I thought that I would faint soon,,though I haven’t even fainted in my life. Then I started counting the bikes that passed me,,one glamour,,two pulsar,,three discover,,four shine,,,,ahh,,, there comes she. She was all smiling with the expression “I-am -really-sorry-you-had-to-wait”. Her smiling face took all my tiredness away in a picosecond. For 5 minutes,, she kept of repeating I’m sorry, I’m sorry & I kept on repeating it’s -ok,,it’s-ok. I was thinking when she’ll stop being sorry & when she did,,,she started even worse,,,topic of exams,,,I loathe this but I have to listen,,afterall it’s Reetz,,how can you not listen to her???

We reached Bahu plaza,,,south block,,found that vodafone’s umbrella,,rushed there. We gave our formalities,,,she gave of her brother’s & I gave of my dad,,as mine won’t do. We choose our new numbers,,,consecutive,,,it feels good if you & your friend have consecutive numbers,,,my weird perception. My present number & Puji’s old number were also consecutive but then in Roorkee I lost my cell & she lost her sim (which was in my cell),,,what a friendship!!!

To our surprise,,we didn’t have to pay anything,,sim was free,,huh,,,a relief,,atleast something is free in today’s world. Tomorrow our new sim cards will be activated :)

Then we went to Nokia store,,the same from which I & my di bought our old cells,,both Nokia 6300,,,di’s black & mine choco,,,and both of which eventually were stolen within a year. Reetz warned me not to buy from the same store,,,but I love taking risks,,,bought the cell,,,nokia 2700,,purplish shade.

Our throat was all dry after talking continuously for two hours so we had orange juice,,,10 rupees vala :P,,,again relief,,,something is cheap :)

Though smoke’n joes(whatever is it’s correct spelling) was nearby but the mere word “pizza” reminds me of that crappy cheese burst of Dominos so we took mini bus & came back to Gole market,,,went to trade fair,,,John Grisham’s novels are no longer available there :(

Enough of wandering,,,we were hungry by then so we came to Ganpati’s(formally Nathu’s),,,had rava masala dosa & my favorite gajar ka halwa. All the time Reetz was talking of her forth coming GATE exam & mourning over 7th semester exams (again). Though she’s stands among the top 5 of class still it’s a habit :P

Reetz kept on talking & I listened quietly,,,suppling my “hmmm’s” & “yaa’s” in between & giving her more details about the shops in that area,,,as if I lived there. Her sweet voice & calm thoughts (except for exams which are loud enough to make you deaf) ,,,calmed my senses & all my restless was gone,,,even though there’s a heavy burden on 700bucks on my head.

Reetz I love you for this quality of yours.

With love


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Birthday bash (09.02.2010)

It’s my birthday today. It started in a real bad way. I was totally out of my mind and upset all through yesterday, whole of the night and morning. And to add to my trauma it was raining hard (it’s been raining here since the past three days). I just didn’t feel like leaving my bed and the mere thought of going out brought jitters. After shedding a few tears, I decided to check up FB. Quite a few messages, replied to them. Opened my Gmail, card by Eku, poem written by her,,, and ofcouse vandy’s poem. She told me about it yesterday itself (as I was upset) so sweet of you Hun. My friends were really pissed off with me as they had carefully/ lovingly planned all these surprises for me and all I had to say was “thanks guys”. My friends were like “hey, you are not happy”. Especially Eku, she is damn touchy about these things and was really hurt that I did not show the “required amount of excitement”. She kept telling me “yaar tu kitni gandi hai, mujhe lga tu itna khush ho jayege”. “tune mere poem ki tariff bhi nhi ki”.

It was at that time I decided that just because, I'm not feeling good (because of some shitty reason), I am not going to create a negative atmosphere around me. Yesterday too all my frustration and anger I kept taking out on my folks. I kept shouting at dad and being rude to him, when all he wanted was to know my plans for the birthday. So I decided no more of this...!!

But it seemed that this birthday was just not going to be a success. It was raining like hell. Now I love rains but not when I have plans and a new dress to flaunt. Rain, wind, hailstorm.... “God, please not snow fall now...!” After numerous calls and peeking outside the windows, we finally set off. I met up with Eku first where she fought with me, told me that m looking like an aunty with that stole. She ripped it off me and together we folded it, standing on the two edges of the road, missing Vandy (she would take a pic). Finally meet Vandy near Gole market. We had to go to the “GARRISON CHURCH”. We first went to a temple, I kept gaining this “adharmi" from Vandy, the reason I can’t mention. So from there we walked over to the church (taking pics in between). Me leaning on the bark of a tree, Eku and Vandy deciding the perfect pose and position, much to the amusement of the passerby’s (we are used to all this and by now have even stopped noticing them). Eku and Vandy continuously fighting over the fact ki who’s a better photographer amongst them. I don’t mind their fights as long as it’s me who’s pics are being taken :P
BTW all those pics got accidently deleted :(
so we reached the church, I was hoping that maybe I'll spot my first crush there (my first crush was a Christian :P). We entered and were totally mesmerised by the beauty and silence up there. We prayed. I explained to eku the story of Jesus and secret behind “the last supper” as per “the da-Vinci-code”. She was listening with full concentration (love that look on her face). Vandy was uninterested, partially because she has already read the book and partially because the child inside her wanted to sneak-peek every nook and corner. We looked all inside the church, took a lot of pics (in the lawn) (caught hold of a guy there to click a threesome), I opened my gifts there (book by Paulo Coelho “the winner stands alone” & a DVD by Vandy, a poem with pics of ours by Eku). Finally we left the place, the people out there were happy (could see that on their face)....!!

Our next destination was “Mother Teresa‘s home for handicapped”. Yeah we are not all about pics, fashion and style..!! We took sweets for them and took permission to go inside. Honestly speaking, the three of us were a bit shaken and scared when we went inside. All that excitement was gone. I would not like to indulge in details as that was just the effect of first impression. When we finally interacted with them, we realised that they were just lonely, in dire need of some company, love and care. Overall it was a heart warming and heart touching experience. There was this one old lady there who wanted more and more sweets much to the anger of her fellow companions and the sister. We found it soo cute and childish.

From there we went straight to “renuka’s” for pastries.

We created the biggest ruffle there clicking pics near the counter, on the seats, sitting, standing, in front of the mirror... in every imaginable pose. From there while we were leaving there was this car passing by from where in a guy whistled and blew a kiss. Now if any of us had been alone, we would either have ignored it or given him a hard look... but as it is we were together, so the three of us just burst out laughing. Then went to “ankur’s” (a gift shop) to sneak at the available novels. Then we realised that we are getting late and have to meet Sam, Rags and Bowls (our 3 buddies).

We were supposed to meet in "Spice food court" and reached just & time to meet them, after hugs and wishes we finally went inside. Decided what to eat in about 1 hour amid the photography, fun and Rags ka gussa. He almost killed the waiter for not serving us with water. So after fights and discussions we finally ordered. For starters we had soup monchow (it made me miss someone). Everybody finished except lil Eku, her’s was filled to the end. We did a lot of pagalpanti there most of which escapes from my minds. Few titbits..... cutting the pastry cake, the time when I grabbed a bite from the serving plate and Bowls wanted to be all prim and proper, passed me one of the plates stacked and dropped all the spoons and knives and forks... all over the floor and a few on Rags...!! And that fighting over the mushroom tikka, grabbing of the gulab jamun (ordered by Vandy and Bowls) poor Vandy and Bowls got only shreds of gulab jamun to eat..! The funny story I narrated on which no one laughed :D and when I made a sad face, they all gave a fake laughter together...!!

But the most important and hilarious scene was that in the lift...! We (actually me...!) wanted to take a pic of ours in the lift (the top view). So Rags, being the tallest was given the task of taking the pic. After the first click, it was evident that only those who were squeezed in the centre could be seen in the pic. After that I don’t know what got inside us, pushing each other aside to reach the centre, me screaming “it’s my birthday I have to be in the centre”.
To add to our embarrassment, the lift kept going back to the floor the restaurant is on (the lift opens directly in the restaurant). The people there already fed up with the noise and ruckus we created, were amused by our weird expressions (we turned into statues as soon as the door opened and were holding out stomachs as soon as the door closed). And this process was repeated a good two, three time...! Finally Bowls kept his foot inbetween the lift door to avoid it from going up again, and for the last try of taking the pic. But by then all our stomachs were seriously paining from laughing uncontrollably. So we finally gave up, the security wale bhaiya was also happy by the decision.

We left then, dropping Vandy first, then Rags, me next (to meet up with mom & dad).

with love

P.S. on this birthday of mine, I got a number of unexpected wishes & calls, like that of my first crush (I love fb), ss, mani, ganja (lol) ...... but then people who I expected to call didn’t.
And the time we were out having fun, it was all sunny and bright (a bit chilly) but when we reached our respective places, it started raining again. So thank you god for making my birthday a success and a memorable day for me.
Also I don’t know whether or not I'll be able to celebrate my next birthday with my friends, so I want to give all of you a big thank you and loads of love and hugs and kisses...!! And Eku I loved the poem :P

Monday, February 8, 2010

Happy Birthday SEPO

I know how much you’ll love if someone will compose a song for you & sing it with guitar & all. Preferably you’ll give that honor to a guy, but sweetheart, just for this moment let me do that. Of course I’ll spare you the horror of my voice,,,kya karein, ,,It’s not as melodious as yours. I don’t know how to play guitar so just imagine that I’m playing it. For giving you a feel I’m adding the pic of a guitar.

This song/ poem whatever you consider it,,,will sure make you to rolf,,,,as writing songs/poems is not my cup of tea.

Anyways here we go……

Days will pass and we may go apart,

In the theatre of life, playing a different part.

Just running after money, doing crappy jobs,

With no one around to wipe our tears & listen to our sobs.

We will get lost in all worldly things,

Won’t be able to fly as now we do with our free wings.

Frustrated, depressed, too lost, too busy,

But forgetting the time we spent together will never be easy.

We’ll miss sepo-vandy time & our shopping sprees,

Baante vala soda & raiding the shops with all that ease.

Searching bookstores for the novel we won’t ever find,

Forest green, electric blue, blood red, nail paints of different kind.

Hakka noodle, kimb, gole gappe & your favorite cheesy dip,

Testimonial vali Maggie, seniors ko lutna & canteen ke chips.

Nothing I’ll ever forget, especially that SMVDU trip,

Life was slipping, when you came & solidified my grip.

It was hell; I was lost in a dark night,

But you, princess snow white, made everything so bright.

I wish I was a guy so that I could marry you,

Give you all the joy that would have sticked like glue.

But I’m really sorry as I’m a girl that too not a lesbian, simply straight,

And I’m really happy with the things as they are now & don’t want them to be that great ;)

I’ll be happy if your prince charming would take you away in a sweep,

All I want is your happiness but will set him right if he lets you weep.

I don’t kid around when I say you are my support,

If someone bothers you, just come to me & report.

I don’t care if it’s your prince charming or our own stupid Saini,

And I don’t give a damn; let others think that I’m your nanny.

Till we are together, I want you to be happy & gay,

And sugar, in advance here I’m wishing you a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”

with loads of love & kisses


P.S. I know to make it rhyme I’ve made it a lot stupid,,,whatever who cares,,,,just wanna say sweetheart,,,,it’s your birthday so enjoy,,,,no worries,,,no tension,,,,,,luvya,,,,,,muwaaaahhhhhhhh

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Buying a suit (traditonal indian attire) is not a child's play


This is the lesson I learned today (the tough way). Since the last one month I had this READ white suit in my mind, with chiffon sleeves, cotton churidaar... this whole dress had this dreamy feel about it which kept me in its trance all through my exams. So immediately after my exams I set off to get my dreamy dress with my friends Eku and Vandy.

We were supposed to meet at kacchi chawni near Delite (a restaurant) and start off out expedition from there. I went to eku’s home first, from there we set off together to meet Vandy. On reaching there (before Vandy) we saw one of our senior RAJESH SIR who was waiting for SOURAV SIR .

(INTRO—(NEW CHARACTERS) we were introduced to Rajesh and Sourav sir last year during an event in the college. By the end of the event we were great friends. Vandy and I bribed them with canteen ki Maggie for writing a testimonial for us.)

Coming back to the, eku and Rajesh sir were talking when Sourav sir arrived..Surprised to see us. Within a few minutes Vandy came too with her “sorry-I-m-late”. Five of us had a great chat for about 10 minutes regarding subjects, future plans etc etc (I loathe this stuff... but who cares...!!). After saying bye bye to them, when we were on our own the first thing Vandy said was “yaar raste main I saw these 3 hot surds”. Eku and me exchange a glance... yaa whatever. Vandy has this thing for surds... she is totally crazy about them...goes nuts whenever she spots one. We faithfully keep pointing them to her “vandy udar ...wahan ... dekh dekh...”

Now I also had to buy a suit for my mum, gift for her birthday (I am so sweet...that’s what you are thinking right...? my friends told me the same). So we started off, by going into this shop from where we bought a suit for my mum.


I haven’t ever gifted anything to my mom still I know I’m the best daughter in this world ;)

Eko’s jiju’s birthday is also within few days so she also wanna get something for him so we raided few gift shops but Valentine’s day buzz is everywhere & there isn’t anything for anyone except for love birds. Then we went to few book stores but didn’t find the novels we were searching for. Well mostly we go with the name of a novel that we know won’t be available in that particular book store,,,just to have a look on the available novels :P

We turned to Jain bazaar & suddenly I spotted a vendor selling Kimb,,it’s a chat special of Jammu,,,found only here. It was so spicy that it set our stomach burning but we really enjoyed it.

Then we took a turn to link road to raid Patel bazaar. After raiding 5 shops,,,finally we found a suit for Sepo,,,yeah,,,finding a good jeans,tops is easy but a good suit at a economical price is really tough.

At chappal bazaar (name concocted by us),,I bought a Punjabi jutti for me.

By now we were really hungry so we went to Casino,,,it’s a food joint in main city that offers you cheap & good food. We ordered Hakka noodles.

When three gals are together how can you expect them to be quite? We started discussing about stuff,,taking pictures,,planning for Sepo’s birthday,,first crush,,,etc. I didn’t realize when it turned to a serious topic. Yeah,,,it’s my problem,,I really can’t control my temper when it comes to people with whom I’m strongly bonded. I can’t hear anything against them nor do I want anyone to take pity on them. I prefer not to discuss much about them & there aren’t much people in that list of mine so when Eko started taking pity on one such person,,,I lost my mind & don’t know what I said? I regretted later but I didn’t say sorry. It’s strange when you don’t really feel sorry for your action,,,it’s rather easy to say sorry then but once you know you are actually guilty,,it’s hard to say it. It wasn’t Eko’s fault,, I trashed so much on her for someone else’s fault. But we forgot everything as soon as we left the place.

We headed for Ragunath bazaar,, heritage bazaar of jammu. On our way we had cotton candy,,,we al shtill lil kidj.

We found a coffee mug for Eko’s jiju at a crockery store. Then we came across Bata’s showroom. Shoes,,,,that means we have to raid it also,,,as Sepo was with us,,,she’s just too crazy for sexy shoes,,give her a pair of sexy shoes & she’s all yours ;)

Then we took a u turn & went back to Rajtilak road. We stopped at Janta’s to have ice cream. Eko & I had butterscotch & choco chip(both my favorites,,Eko wanted love 21 but she didn’t find it there),,,Sepo,,,well sometimes she’s really pain in the a**,,she decided to have blackcurrent & kesar after really pissing off that guy. Sepo had half of her ice cream when she gave it to me,,,,I finished her half before finishing mine but then she said, “Where’s my ice cream?”

I replied sheepishly, “I ate it” realizing that she had given just to hold not to eat.

sorry,,,,my mishtake,,,you know I love ice creams ;)

Finally it was time to come back,,,Eko left first then Sepo. I decided to walk a bit more & catch the matador from the place where we met in the morning so I headed for Kacchi Chawni,,on my way I met two of my classmates,,,my juniors,,,my teacher & in the matador I found a friend.

I’m still wondering if Eko will be angry with me but I know with us AAL IZZ ALWAYS WELL so no worries :D

With love

sepo & vandy

p.s. sepo was supposed to write this post but then she asked me to write. I too procrastinated for a long & finally we agreed writing it together.

Friday, February 5, 2010

When Puji paaji & Vandy paaji burst into tears over cheese burst !!!

(Puji is my best friend,one of the few people about whom I really care. We are together since the starting of college. Though we don’t have many similarities but we get along quite well)

Puji & I’ve been to college, being lazy bums we reached college when forms were already out of stock & since Puji wanna try cheese burst & I wanna try chocolava cake so we went to Dominos. We gave our order,,one cheese burst & one chocolava cake since I know Puji isn’t very fond of sweets & desserts so she may not like it. But the waitress/order taker/receptionist/whatever said it’s too small making gesture with her hand,, so I thought maybe it’s just as small as a momo so we ordered two. When I asked, “How much?”,,,, the answer made my head spinning & I guess same was with Puji. By the way, the answer was “489 only”. I wonder why salesmen add “only”,,,I also have observed that the sweetest with which they say “only” is proportional to the amount you have to pay.

It was nearly 500 bucks,,,a major part of our pocket money,,,since we weren’t born with a silver spoon in mouth. I don’t know what had numbed our minds,,we didn’t cancel the order,,we simply went to our seats to wait for our order.

500 bucks this figure was revolving in our minds.

It wasn’t my birthday,,it wasn’t her birthday,,not even the anniversary of our friendship,,,,& since we both are straight so it wasn’t even a date. I guess it doesn’t make any sense to spend 500 bucks on food without any special occasion and that too on a pizza n two cupcakes.

Finally we recovered from the shock & spoke.

“yaar, why is this so costly?” Puji said.

“Maybe because it’s new. Hey did the waitress say it’s large?” I asked.

“No,,,I didn’t hear that” ,Puji replied.

Soon our order arrived & yeah it was a large pizza.

In my life I haven’t even eaten half of a regular size pizza alone let alone a full regular pizza. How I was gonna eat half of this giant pizza?

The prize was so big that our appetite was already gone but we started with one slice each.

“yaar, we could have spend 500 bucks in five days enjoying a variety of food” ,Puji said and I started calculating the price of a brownie, one black forest pastry, one chocolate fudge, one plate gajar ka halwa, one plate rasmalai & one plate gulab jamun,,,,,,all would have cost roughly 200 bucks & I would have been so satisfied but here I was having this pizza with dripping cheese & crappy chocolava cake that wasn’t even going down my throat.

Behind us a couple was sitting. I made a quick look on what they were having & calculated the cost,,,,much less than 500 bucks & I was wondering this guy is on date still he hasn’t spend much & we two morons…..

“yaar I would have bought headphones for 250 bucks”,Puji said & then we started analyzing what we could have bought with 500 bucks

A dress,,,a whole new range of nail paints,,two or more novels,,DVD’s for 10seasons of FRIENDS,,watched two movies,,& there wasn’t any end to the things we could have bought with 500 bucks. I wonder why we don’t buy these things when we have those 500 bucks???

Spending 500 bucks wouldn’t have mattered if we would have spend them in 5 days,,4 days,,3days or even 2 days but for one day & for one meal,,,it was too much.

We just had two slices & I even left a part of my slice though I finished that cake,,Puji finished her slice but left the cake.

Suddenly her face glowed like 500 watt electric bulb & she came with an idea.

“I’m not gonna waste our pocket money like this. I’ll sell this to my sisters & cousin. Calculate what the prize for one slice is?”

I calculated & said, “Will they really buy it?”

“Of course” she replied confidently.

She really sold it & next day we both got our 100-100 bucks back,,,,huh,,,that was a relief.

This damn cheese burst really made us to burst into tears,,,I won’t ever have this pizza again in my life,,,of course with my money but how can I say no when someone is offering ;)

with love


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

FIRST FIGHT 03.02.2010

Three of us (me, Vandy and eku) had lotta fun today (details of which will be given by Vandy a few days later). Everything was going great. I came back home was full-on excited and happy... until............


I was online, suddenly got this message from eku “I am angry with u”. I was like angry..??!!????!!!!! Next message was like “u never told me about the stuff you have written in your blog”. I was still clueless... ohh man what is she talking about...?? Next message “thank you......”. *in my mind* ohk that post.... what was in there...?? Suddenly I remember ...... ohh f***. I reply “I m sorry I totally forgot to tell ya”. Thinking she’ll understand I keep doing something else until I realise that she hasn’t replied back and that is so unlike her. I send her a few more messages. NO REPLY. *in my mind* hmm she must be in the loo/ busy/ on a call..... Send her a more messages. NO REPLY.

Finally I call her up. *NO ANSWER*. Now that is something she has never done before, she always picks up my call (except for few times, when I know what the trouble is). Now at this particular time I was really screwed up. Eku angry with me... how unrealistic. Call her up again. *NO ANSWER*. Send her a text “I m sry baby twas unintentional, totally sliped outa my mind  pls dun b angry”. Call her again. *NO ANSWER*.

Enough is enough. Call up on her mum’s cell.

Me -“hello aunty... Sneha eksha nearby..?”

aunty- “beta yea she’s here but is not keen to talk to you”.

Me- “aunty aap zabardasti de do usse...”

aunty (laughing) -“okie... main loudspeaker on karti hu...”.

Inbetween I hear a muffled voice “hello”. Me – “eku is that u?”


“Are you very angry”


“I m sorry”


All rite eku... u can do better than these monotonous “hmmm’s”. I forgot the rest of the conversation which was more or less the same, me speaking and she “hmm”.
But within like 3 minutes, we were discussing about this guy both of us hate. In short back to normal. But I know that she may be talking to me (the most important reason being she knows I can be a real pain in the a** and bug her continuously for hours all together). So, she must have thought ki kar he leti hu baat isse pehle ki dad ke number pe phone kar de....!!! (He he)

Eku I M REALLY SORRY BABY..... I know I should have told ya but I totally forgot to do the same. You know naa I talk soo less :P. And moreover when we start talking we talk about all the things except for the ones which are important. I call u up in the exams to ask something and end up forgetting to ask the very thing I called for. So what I mean to say is that you talk so very much that I don’t get a chance to say anything. So technically, it’s your fault too (don’t make a face I am just kidding). And guess what it’s the first time we had a fight (not exactly but still). This day has been etched up in history now...!! romanchak...!!! aise lil lil batton pe pls gussa na ho aap

I M SORRY AGAIN (phewww)

With love

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

17th century girl :D

(Since this blog is about Sepo’s & my friends also so whenever a new character will be included in this blog,,you’ll get his or her introduction.

Eko is one of Sepo’s & my closest friends,,though she’s more close to Sepo as both of them are together since the starting of this college or rather kinder garden friends but they didn’t knew that they were together in kinder garden until they met again in college,,this world is really a small place to be in)

“Where are you?”

“Just two minutes”

And after two minutes as I got into the car, Eko was waiting with open arms to give me a hug,,Sepo also joined.

“Eyeee wach rilli misching you”, Eko said

“awww” was my response,, we were meeting hardly after 3 days but,,,,,that’s so Eko.

I found a box lying at the seat,, CARLTON LONDON,,,, Sepo noticed me checking that.

“Aren’t these shoes sexy?”

How would I know I haven’t opened I yet?,,,I wanna say but I kept quite

But this bloody 17th century girl wanna get those dull black shoes”,,,,well that’s so Sepo,, she can kill you for your bad fashion sense,,,she’s really a fasion diva/fashion bee,,,don’t know what exactly the fashion crazy people are called but whatever they are called Sepo is that. I opened the box & found red colored shoes/belly/sandals,,,actually they are called….something starting with p….Sepo told me but I forgot,,oh yeah,,,,my fashion sense really sucks but I’m happy with my traditional dress,,salwar kameez or churidaar kameez,,,well if I would have been free to choose,,,then I would have preferred to wear loose T-shirts & cargos but living in a real rural area ,,I really do care about my neighbors & don’t want their eyes to pop out so I’m happy with my ultra traditional attire.

Getting back to the scene,,,Sepo was still cursing Eko & Eko was still arguing,,,oh boy,,,this girl should know that when it comes to fashion you can’t argue with Sepo,,she’s really the Rachel of FRIENDS. Finally we reached college. I knew that I’m here to fill the registration form but these girls were still reminding me,,,,these girls really think that I’m that careless,,,but they need to know I’M NOT SO CARELESS. So I got the form through some classmates of mine & gave it to Sepo to fill it. I generally never ask anyone to do my work as I’m a perfectionist like Monica Gellar of FRIENDS (Sepo I haven’t copied it from your “about me” section) and I think no one can do better than me but Sepo can match up me so. Now some people really can’t digest praise & here miss perfectionist Sepo who likes her name so much so that instead of writing my name,,she wrote her own.

Eko took form from her & started completing it,,,but as if luck wasn’t on my side,,instead of mentioning which examination,,she wrote my name.

(don't get confused,,,my name in official records starts with B,,,,f*** these office people)

so finally she gave it to me & I learned “apna kaam sawayam karna chaihiye”. Somehow I completed my form correctly & submitted it.

We left the college. It was already decided where we’ll go. Sepo, I don’t know what’s wrong with this girl,,she started shouting out of the car’s window, I can’t even mention what she was shouting. But somehow she got calmed down or may be her empty stomach made her to calm down,,,oh well yeah,,she’s a big foodie,,though it’s still a mystery where the food goes,,,well that’s a mystery with all three of us,,Eko,,me & Sepo,,,size zero ;)

So we stopped at Balgotra’s got two hotdogs & one sandwich but miss-always-hungry,Sepo, wasn’t satisfied but we convinced her that we’ll eat somewhere else. We stopped at KV Gandhinagar to make an enquiry for my di,,since now I was sure that I’m gonna be late so if anyone asks ,,I would have a reason. Then Eko took me to Renuka’s where I tried choco butterscotch pastry ,,,it was so yummy,,,I had never been to Renuka’s before but now I guess I’ll be coming here often. Though I’m not a foodie but sweets & desserts,,,ummmmmm,,,,,I can’t resist them. Finally we reached Bahu Plaza,,Sepo was still making faces but Eko exchanged that red p….. whatever it is called for black p…,,,for me red or black both were same,,not because I’m color blind but because……I guess I’ve mentioned before. Eko showed me a flat chappal(pink one in last row in pic) that Sepo wanna buy,,honestly I didn’t liked it that much though I didn’t complete disliked it,,so I thought to take Eko’s side.

Bloody 17th century girl” that was all Sepo had to say.

Finally we went to CCD. Now since our budget was tight so we had to first decide what we can afford. Now these mind calculations/mental math/ whatever,, is really not my cup of tea so I took my scientific calculator fx991MS(yeah,,I feel proud to say that) & started calculating,,Eko was also helping by making permutations & combinations of things we could afford but Sepo was literally rolf’ing,,useless fella. So finally we ordered chicken hotdog for Sepo(adharmi log,,non veg on Tuesdays,,that too in the month of magh),,cappuccino for me(as I didn’t feel like having anything so just for the heck of having something & moreover it was cheap so) & blue something for Eko(she’s really crazy for it,,I also liked it,,,it was like lemon ice tea mixed with limca & slush).

Sepo kept on saying, “That guy is cute na”,,,,well she keeps on hitting every random cute guy. We planned for Sepo’s birthday but then Eko’s mom called her so we had to leave. Sepo left befor me & when Eko dropped me,,she stopped there still she was sure that I had crossed road safely,,,,,c’mon gals I’M NOT THAT CARELESS.

With love


Monday, February 1, 2010



Welcome guys and gals to the world of DIVINE SECRETS.... here you will unlock the great and cool stuff, the essence of friendship, sisterhood and loads of love. It’s an insight into our life’s (mine and vandy’s) and that of our friends. It will include everything from shopping sprees to picnics to college canteen to mood swings to hook ups to...... (Name it and you will find it here:)). I m sure you guys are going to love this big time. We will make sure to make it as interesting as possible.
A few words about the title of the blog...!!
The title has been taken from a book called “DIVINE SECRETS OF YA-YA SISTERHOOD”. This book spans decades of love, trust, friendship and style (the kinds we don’t see today:)) between four totally different sorts of girls, who undertake together the journey of girlhood to womanhood together in “style”. And call themselves the “ya-ya’s”. They have this scrapbook dedicated to themselves which holds all there special moment like passing high school, getting married, first baby etc etc...!!
Now this scrapbook thingy is out-of-fashion these days so we decided to keep a online diary a la the “ya-ya’s”. And our friends call us sepo and Vandy respectively, so that derives the name of the blog.....
Cheers to us and our sisterhood..!!
Long live us and the blog......happy reading :)

It is indeed a great pleasure & proud privilege for us to present this blog “DIVINE SECRETS OF SEPO-VANDY SISTERHOOD” (this line is copied from the preface of one of my course book :D). Now since Sepo has described everything about what this blog is gonna be, so I won’t extend this introduction further. I just hope you guys really enjoy this. So just wait, watch & enjoy our silly, stupid, idiotic & moronic experiences :D

with love

sepo & vandy