Tuesday, February 2, 2010

17th century girl :D

(Since this blog is about Sepo’s & my friends also so whenever a new character will be included in this blog,,you’ll get his or her introduction.

Eko is one of Sepo’s & my closest friends,,though she’s more close to Sepo as both of them are together since the starting of this college or rather kinder garden friends but they didn’t knew that they were together in kinder garden until they met again in college,,this world is really a small place to be in)

“Where are you?”

“Just two minutes”

And after two minutes as I got into the car, Eko was waiting with open arms to give me a hug,,Sepo also joined.

“Eyeee wach rilli misching you”, Eko said

“awww” was my response,, we were meeting hardly after 3 days but,,,,,that’s so Eko.

I found a box lying at the seat,, CARLTON LONDON,,,, Sepo noticed me checking that.

“Aren’t these shoes sexy?”

How would I know I haven’t opened I yet?,,,I wanna say but I kept quite

But this bloody 17th century girl wanna get those dull black shoes”,,,,well that’s so Sepo,, she can kill you for your bad fashion sense,,,she’s really a fasion diva/fashion bee,,,don’t know what exactly the fashion crazy people are called but whatever they are called Sepo is that. I opened the box & found red colored shoes/belly/sandals,,,actually they are called….something starting with p….Sepo told me but I forgot,,oh yeah,,,,my fashion sense really sucks but I’m happy with my traditional dress,,salwar kameez or churidaar kameez,,,well if I would have been free to choose,,,then I would have preferred to wear loose T-shirts & cargos but living in a real rural area ,,I really do care about my neighbors & don’t want their eyes to pop out so I’m happy with my ultra traditional attire.

Getting back to the scene,,,Sepo was still cursing Eko & Eko was still arguing,,,oh boy,,,this girl should know that when it comes to fashion you can’t argue with Sepo,,she’s really the Rachel of FRIENDS. Finally we reached college. I knew that I’m here to fill the registration form but these girls were still reminding me,,,,these girls really think that I’m that careless,,,but they need to know I’M NOT SO CARELESS. So I got the form through some classmates of mine & gave it to Sepo to fill it. I generally never ask anyone to do my work as I’m a perfectionist like Monica Gellar of FRIENDS (Sepo I haven’t copied it from your “about me” section) and I think no one can do better than me but Sepo can match up me so. Now some people really can’t digest praise & here miss perfectionist Sepo who likes her name so much so that instead of writing my name,,she wrote her own.

Eko took form from her & started completing it,,,but as if luck wasn’t on my side,,instead of mentioning which examination,,she wrote my name.

(don't get confused,,,my name in official records starts with B,,,,f*** these office people)

so finally she gave it to me & I learned “apna kaam sawayam karna chaihiye”. Somehow I completed my form correctly & submitted it.

We left the college. It was already decided where we’ll go. Sepo, I don’t know what’s wrong with this girl,,she started shouting out of the car’s window, I can’t even mention what she was shouting. But somehow she got calmed down or may be her empty stomach made her to calm down,,,oh well yeah,,she’s a big foodie,,though it’s still a mystery where the food goes,,,well that’s a mystery with all three of us,,Eko,,me & Sepo,,,size zero ;)

So we stopped at Balgotra’s got two hotdogs & one sandwich but miss-always-hungry,Sepo, wasn’t satisfied but we convinced her that we’ll eat somewhere else. We stopped at KV Gandhinagar to make an enquiry for my di,,since now I was sure that I’m gonna be late so if anyone asks ,,I would have a reason. Then Eko took me to Renuka’s where I tried choco butterscotch pastry ,,,it was so yummy,,,I had never been to Renuka’s before but now I guess I’ll be coming here often. Though I’m not a foodie but sweets & desserts,,,ummmmmm,,,,,I can’t resist them. Finally we reached Bahu Plaza,,Sepo was still making faces but Eko exchanged that red p….. whatever it is called for black p…,,,for me red or black both were same,,not because I’m color blind but because……I guess I’ve mentioned before. Eko showed me a flat chappal(pink one in last row in pic) that Sepo wanna buy,,honestly I didn’t liked it that much though I didn’t complete disliked it,,so I thought to take Eko’s side.

Bloody 17th century girl” that was all Sepo had to say.

Finally we went to CCD. Now since our budget was tight so we had to first decide what we can afford. Now these mind calculations/mental math/ whatever,, is really not my cup of tea so I took my scientific calculator fx991MS(yeah,,I feel proud to say that) & started calculating,,Eko was also helping by making permutations & combinations of things we could afford but Sepo was literally rolf’ing,,useless fella. So finally we ordered chicken hotdog for Sepo(adharmi log,,non veg on Tuesdays,,that too in the month of magh),,cappuccino for me(as I didn’t feel like having anything so just for the heck of having something & moreover it was cheap so) & blue something for Eko(she’s really crazy for it,,I also liked it,,,it was like lemon ice tea mixed with limca & slush).

Sepo kept on saying, “That guy is cute na”,,,,well she keeps on hitting every random cute guy. We planned for Sepo’s birthday but then Eko’s mom called her so we had to leave. Sepo left befor me & when Eko dropped me,,she stopped there still she was sure that I had crossed road safely,,,,,c’mon gals I’M NOT THAT CARELESS.

With love



  1. first things first shoes are called "PUMPS"..
    nd WTheck is this marg ka mahina.....???

    btw nice post....i cudn have managed to write it so well and u r that careless..!!
    sry for ur form :)

  2. ok now i'll remember PUMPS

    its magh or marg
    hindu mythology
    u ought to know this being a brahmin

    i knw i'm careless but not that careless


  3. btw sweets u havnt mentioned abt the super soft corner u hav for turban guyz... ;)

  4. ahem ahem...........
    kamino kitni bezati karoge....
    n sepo darlinggg.........woh pink sandals ver nt gud at all...got it....dun go 2 30 century...itz 21st century ma dear...

  5. waise woh random cute guyz wali baat sach hi hai...lol..;)
    i agree wid u vandy...:)

  6. nd nd nt 2 forget about ur turban dalingz..