Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Birthday bash (09.02.2010)

It’s my birthday today. It started in a real bad way. I was totally out of my mind and upset all through yesterday, whole of the night and morning. And to add to my trauma it was raining hard (it’s been raining here since the past three days). I just didn’t feel like leaving my bed and the mere thought of going out brought jitters. After shedding a few tears, I decided to check up FB. Quite a few messages, replied to them. Opened my Gmail, card by Eku, poem written by her,,, and ofcouse vandy’s poem. She told me about it yesterday itself (as I was upset) so sweet of you Hun. My friends were really pissed off with me as they had carefully/ lovingly planned all these surprises for me and all I had to say was “thanks guys”. My friends were like “hey, you are not happy”. Especially Eku, she is damn touchy about these things and was really hurt that I did not show the “required amount of excitement”. She kept telling me “yaar tu kitni gandi hai, mujhe lga tu itna khush ho jayege”. “tune mere poem ki tariff bhi nhi ki”.

It was at that time I decided that just because, I'm not feeling good (because of some shitty reason), I am not going to create a negative atmosphere around me. Yesterday too all my frustration and anger I kept taking out on my folks. I kept shouting at dad and being rude to him, when all he wanted was to know my plans for the birthday. So I decided no more of this...!!

But it seemed that this birthday was just not going to be a success. It was raining like hell. Now I love rains but not when I have plans and a new dress to flaunt. Rain, wind, hailstorm.... “God, please not snow fall now...!” After numerous calls and peeking outside the windows, we finally set off. I met up with Eku first where she fought with me, told me that m looking like an aunty with that stole. She ripped it off me and together we folded it, standing on the two edges of the road, missing Vandy (she would take a pic). Finally meet Vandy near Gole market. We had to go to the “GARRISON CHURCH”. We first went to a temple, I kept gaining this “adharmi" from Vandy, the reason I can’t mention. So from there we walked over to the church (taking pics in between). Me leaning on the bark of a tree, Eku and Vandy deciding the perfect pose and position, much to the amusement of the passerby’s (we are used to all this and by now have even stopped noticing them). Eku and Vandy continuously fighting over the fact ki who’s a better photographer amongst them. I don’t mind their fights as long as it’s me who’s pics are being taken :P
BTW all those pics got accidently deleted :(
so we reached the church, I was hoping that maybe I'll spot my first crush there (my first crush was a Christian :P). We entered and were totally mesmerised by the beauty and silence up there. We prayed. I explained to eku the story of Jesus and secret behind “the last supper” as per “the da-Vinci-code”. She was listening with full concentration (love that look on her face). Vandy was uninterested, partially because she has already read the book and partially because the child inside her wanted to sneak-peek every nook and corner. We looked all inside the church, took a lot of pics (in the lawn) (caught hold of a guy there to click a threesome), I opened my gifts there (book by Paulo Coelho “the winner stands alone” & a DVD by Vandy, a poem with pics of ours by Eku). Finally we left the place, the people out there were happy (could see that on their face)....!!

Our next destination was “Mother Teresa‘s home for handicapped”. Yeah we are not all about pics, fashion and style..!! We took sweets for them and took permission to go inside. Honestly speaking, the three of us were a bit shaken and scared when we went inside. All that excitement was gone. I would not like to indulge in details as that was just the effect of first impression. When we finally interacted with them, we realised that they were just lonely, in dire need of some company, love and care. Overall it was a heart warming and heart touching experience. There was this one old lady there who wanted more and more sweets much to the anger of her fellow companions and the sister. We found it soo cute and childish.

From there we went straight to “renuka’s” for pastries.

We created the biggest ruffle there clicking pics near the counter, on the seats, sitting, standing, in front of the mirror... in every imaginable pose. From there while we were leaving there was this car passing by from where in a guy whistled and blew a kiss. Now if any of us had been alone, we would either have ignored it or given him a hard look... but as it is we were together, so the three of us just burst out laughing. Then went to “ankur’s” (a gift shop) to sneak at the available novels. Then we realised that we are getting late and have to meet Sam, Rags and Bowls (our 3 buddies).

We were supposed to meet in "Spice food court" and reached just & time to meet them, after hugs and wishes we finally went inside. Decided what to eat in about 1 hour amid the photography, fun and Rags ka gussa. He almost killed the waiter for not serving us with water. So after fights and discussions we finally ordered. For starters we had soup monchow (it made me miss someone). Everybody finished except lil Eku, her’s was filled to the end. We did a lot of pagalpanti there most of which escapes from my minds. Few titbits..... cutting the pastry cake, the time when I grabbed a bite from the serving plate and Bowls wanted to be all prim and proper, passed me one of the plates stacked and dropped all the spoons and knives and forks... all over the floor and a few on Rags...!! And that fighting over the mushroom tikka, grabbing of the gulab jamun (ordered by Vandy and Bowls) poor Vandy and Bowls got only shreds of gulab jamun to eat..! The funny story I narrated on which no one laughed :D and when I made a sad face, they all gave a fake laughter together...!!

But the most important and hilarious scene was that in the lift...! We (actually me...!) wanted to take a pic of ours in the lift (the top view). So Rags, being the tallest was given the task of taking the pic. After the first click, it was evident that only those who were squeezed in the centre could be seen in the pic. After that I don’t know what got inside us, pushing each other aside to reach the centre, me screaming “it’s my birthday I have to be in the centre”.
To add to our embarrassment, the lift kept going back to the floor the restaurant is on (the lift opens directly in the restaurant). The people there already fed up with the noise and ruckus we created, were amused by our weird expressions (we turned into statues as soon as the door opened and were holding out stomachs as soon as the door closed). And this process was repeated a good two, three time...! Finally Bowls kept his foot inbetween the lift door to avoid it from going up again, and for the last try of taking the pic. But by then all our stomachs were seriously paining from laughing uncontrollably. So we finally gave up, the security wale bhaiya was also happy by the decision.

We left then, dropping Vandy first, then Rags, me next (to meet up with mom & dad).

with love

P.S. on this birthday of mine, I got a number of unexpected wishes & calls, like that of my first crush (I love fb), ss, mani, ganja (lol) ...... but then people who I expected to call didn’t.
And the time we were out having fun, it was all sunny and bright (a bit chilly) but when we reached our respective places, it started raining again. So thank you god for making my birthday a success and a memorable day for me.
Also I don’t know whether or not I'll be able to celebrate my next birthday with my friends, so I want to give all of you a big thank you and loads of love and hugs and kisses...!! And Eku I loved the poem :P


  1. and u r in the centre of pic,,,glowing distinctly
    Bowls is out of pic though

    loved this post
    u expressed it so well

    p.s. once again happy birthday
    belated vala :P

  2. @vandy
    i had to b in the center twas MY BIRTHDAY
    nd sry about the VCD/DVD mix-up

    nd thnx

  3. hey........gud tha...vry nice....i ws recallin everything done....n 2 b laughin by
    n excuse me....we'll surely b 2gether on next n every bday of it...


  4. @ eku
    i too hope ki we celebrate all our bday's together...!!
    luvya too

  5. sepo...add more pics..kk..nd i really enjoyed ur bday...i'l hope we all stay 2gether 4 our liofe nd hopefully celebrate all of our bday 2gether..

  6. Oooh..belated happy budday gal...:)