Wednesday, February 24, 2010


(“Paandvis” group are Nokia girls. Puji has 7210,,Shivi has 5130,,,Reetz has N72,,Jolly has 5233 & I’ve 2700. BTW Sepo & Eko are also Nokia girls,,,Sepo has 6085 & Eko has 6300,,,my old phone )

“Yaar your cell (2700) is so sleek. It’s so gurlie.”

Yeah because it’s cheapest of all.

“My cell (N72) is so big”

Still it has a flash

“My cell (5233) is also so big & I keep on worrying when its touch screen gets damaged”

But its picture quality is awesome

This discussion was going on between Reetz,Jolly & silent thoughts are mine. We all had some complaints about our cells but all of a sudden we started liking our cell phones. Reason behind this transformation,,,,is something that happened moments later.

We had some work at post office so we decided to have a bit of fun also. We started our expedition from Flyover Bridge, where Eko dropped us. Jolly has became very fond of Eko’s driving though others were holding their breath while Eko was driving :P

Jolly, Reetz & me,,,,,were together & Shivi & Puji were racing ahead. Though I’m quite used to walking & I walk a lot but that Punjabi jutti was hurting me like hell so I couldn’t keep up with Shivi & Puji. I was enjoying Jolly’s gossips so who cares how much that damn jutti was hurting. We three were stopping every now & then to explore every nook & corner & hence were calling Shivi to stop,,,pay per second is a bliss :P (Puji’s cell isn’t working properly for the past few days.)

We went to Baniya supermarket, Ragunath Bazaar, then stopped at juice corner, then to buy rubbers, then ear rings at Kanchi’s stall, at Kulche vala vendor, mehandi vala, cosmetics shop to look for new shades of nail paints(though I’ve became sort of saint,,,,nail cut,,,no earrings,,no chains ,,nothing),,to buy drink for Jolly,,maaza only :P

Finally at Post Office,,Kacchi chawni. Suddenly Reetz realized that she forgot registration number & had to call home but…………….BANG……………….where’s her cell?????????

Shivi & I called but switched off.

Oh f***,,,,,that means someone has got the cell,,,maybe Reetz dropped it somewhere or she left it somewhere,,,,,but where????

We decided to trace our path back. We divided into two groups,,,Jolly & Reetz decided to go straight to Ragunath Bazaar(where Reetz used her cell for the last time) & Shivi,,Puji & I decided to trace the whole path back.

We stopped at every stop again but no clue of cell. Strange thoughts began to emerge in my mind. Perhaps it was because of me.

My cell was lost & I borrowed money from Reetz that’s why her cell got lost.

Reetz & I recently got consecutive numbers, that’s why her cell got lost.

I’m so unlucky.

Reetz’s dad’s cell also got lost few days back & recently uncle got a new cell,,,,this news will be a blunder for Reetz,,,,how she’s gonna deal with all this???

I managed after theft of my cell as I still haven’t told the truth I simply told that it was damaged so I sold it,,,,,,but it’s gonna be tough for Reetz as she can’t lie,,,,yeah yeah female version of Harish Chander still exists

We enquired at few places but no clue of cell,,,finally we came to Ragunath Bazaar,, where we met Jolly & Reetz again. Tears were visible in Reetz’s eye,,,that means they didn’t got the cell,,,,,,,,,,,no hope now,,,but Jolly refused to give up,,,though Reetz was telling time & again that there’s no use to waste time & we should return now. We followed Jolly’s instructions & came back to Purani Mandi,,,our last hope was the Kanchi from where we bought ear rings. Puji & Shivi were asking as why I didn’t bother to ask that Kanchi,,,but for me all Kanchi’s are the same & I couldn’t recall the exact Kanchi. Same was with Jolly but still she was asking every Kanchi there. All our energy was gone. Shivi & Puji who were racing ahead were now at the last & Jolly who’s always the last was leading us. Finally we came to the exact Kanchi,,,Jolly is too clever,,,she simply said, “Hey we came here moments before & left our cell here. Give it back to us.”

Kanchi replied, “Oh yeah,,,it’s here” getting the cell out of her bag.

We couldn’t believe our ears & then our eyes. We started jumping & hugging & all. Huh,,,,,,,,,finally we got the cell. All thanks to Jolly. Why she wasn’t with me in Roorkee :(

Reetz gave 100 rupees to Kanchi & promised us a treat.

Well good people deserve good.

Thank God.

With love


P.S. two days after Rags’ cell,,,,,,,,,,,,again N72 was lost when we were coming back home,,,maybe because he was with me,,,,,,,I’m really unlucky :(


  1. driving.....hmmm...zzuummm..........
    n honey...u arent unlucky....c'mon....


  2. u arent unlucky dear...its just a co-incidence..eveyone here is special and are you... :)

    and yea u're right

    good people deserves good :)

  3. @eko

    thanks sweety

    may be u r right

  4. hiiiii dear!!!! sorrrry for again being d last one 2 comment on the post dat was based on the tragedy dat happened with me....and wat is dis why r u calling urself unlucky????it happened all due to my carelessness......u know how careless i am !!!!
    it was all due to ur efforts dat i got it back....u had footsores but still u covered d whole distance on foot once again so dat i cud get my cell back...sorry dat u had 2 bear dose painful footsores all because of ME!!!thank u for helping me wenever i'm in trouble....i'm very blessed dat i've friends like u....
    all our efforts were worth it as we managed 2 find d cell...u see "all is well dat ends well"

  5. @reetz

    so sweet
    brought tears in my eyes

    love u sweetheart