Sunday, February 14, 2010

Haircut 13.02.2010

It’s been some three months since; I have wanted to get a new hairdo. Was bored with the same kind of look, I have been supporting since ages now. I wanted this fringe cut (some call it sadana cut) but there were three things going against me, for getting that cut...

1. I have this serious acne problem and applying medicines would have been a problem with hair all over my forehead.

2. This particular hairstyle was getting very common and every tom, dick and harry was seen supporting this look.

3. My dad would have killed me for sure....!!!

But I love my hair and to part with it (even in small bits) in an emotional trauma for me. So every time I went to my hair dresser, I kept telling him “mujhe haircut karvana hai”. “Naya look chaheye”. “Kaisa cut accha lgega”. But then my mind kept changing and I thought ki lambe Baal ki good hai.

But, with passing time the urge to cut my hair increased with an alarming speed, so finally I decided to cut my hair. After scanning various magazines and googling number of “latest looks”, I still was undecided. But I kinda liked DEEPIKA’s look from KARTHIK CALLING KARTHIK. So, on the whole was still undecided about my look. Called up Vandy in the morning.... and told her that I was going for a haircut.

She was like “what...? On a Saturday”.

And I was like “ohh please, what’s with the Saturday now”.

Actually I have least amount of knowledge about all these days, some days you are not supposed to wash your hair, marg ka mihina etc etc. And due to it I am called adharmi by Vandy. Phewww...!!!

Met up with Eku, outside the parlour, spotted and waved her when we were still miles away. She started to come towards me. It was a typical Hindi movie scene... both of us coming towards each other, all smiles, arms out spread. Though, we had met few days before, I missed her and from the look upon her face, it seemed she missed me too. We went inside said the hi’s and hello’s. I got geared up. The hairdresser started working on my hair, without giving me a chance to say anything. I panicked when I saw him pick up the scissors, so I asked him “konsa style?” and he was like “vo mat poocho bas dekhte jao”.
I kept telling him “length kaam mat karna”. “Different look aane chaheye”. He didn’t reply to any of this and kept cutting my hair. Now I just love my hair, and every time I go for a haircut, I end up getting depressed like anything... thinking ki just a few minutes ago they were a part of me and now they are gone....!!

However this time, eku kept my spirits high by clicking pics throughout. The hairdresser was smiling... he had to... after all I m his regular visitor and he couldn’t dare to say anything against. So finally the hair was cut and I kept asking eku “yaar, zada short toh nhi hue hai naa”.

She kept saying “no, baby ... good lag rhe hai”.

She didn’t lose her cool, when I asked the same question 78th time. We went out and clicked pics, there were these two uncles’s who kept staring, as though we had come from a different world altogether...!!!

After that we went to archies, in this whole valentine’s week, we have made numerous visits to the archies for various reasons/occasions (not remotely related to valentines). This particular trip was enough, and we decided to buy some little sweet thing for each other. It’s so strange how you crave for simple things.... and what’s more strange is the fact that they make you happy and content. So we bought these two pink hearts (small only in size, not in cost)...!!! Gifted them to each other... who says valentines only for lovers...?? We say it’s for friends as well....

We decided to celebrate further and as I m going to Delhi we decided we should spend some time together. We headed for CCD. It was brimming with couples. We sat, and as usual fought like cat/mouse for the order. The waiter came two times to take our order, but we had to shun him by saying “still deciding”. So finally we ordered “ROSEMARY VEG SUBMARINE” (we always fight and end up eating this) and ICED ESKIMO which mysteriously changed into COLD SPARKLE...!
The couple adjacent to us started fighting, with the girl saying “tujhe toh meri parva he nhi hai”. I burst out laughing and Eku gave me a look, which meant “behave yourself”. And there was this pathetic group of guys sitting right in front who kept staring as if they had never seen a girl before. And when they started fiddling with their phones, we quickly finished up and went (no we were not scared, but pitied them...!!!)

After that Eku parked the car to drop me, but we ended up spending half an hour chatting inside the car. Taking pics, deciding which clothes I should take with by (I am going to Delhi). After a lot of talking and many pics, I finally left and Eku reminded me for the N Th time “Mere liye kuch laana Delhi se”. I gave her a smile a hug and a flaying kiss.

After I went to the recharge shop (yea again) and got a recharge card for me and a message pack for Vandy...!! We all are vodaphone girls now, waiting for Eku to get one too. And BTW Eku has GATE ka exam on the 14th Feb. so wishing her all the very best.
Happy Valentine’s Day to all :P

With love


  1. hmm....nice...
    some points:
    1. i did misd u...
    2. d hair dresser smiling...yea..i remember..
    3. ur hair ver lukin gud indeed...
    4. thanx 4 d gift...
    5. n do get gift mere liye..delhi se..
    6. gate ka xam..nt went gud at all..
    7. but on a whole enjoyd d day...wid smvdu gang...

  2. kamino
    where's my heart?????
    BTW nice post

    p.s. i'm missing u,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,terribly
    come back soon
    p.s. 2 i love u

  3. मैं आपका ये ब्लॉग पिछले कुछ दिनों से पढ़ रहा हूँ, एक बात जरूर कहना चाहूँगा की आप सब की दोस्ती बहुत ही खूबसूरत दिखती है...आपकी ये दोस्ती रहे हमेशा... :)

    दूसरी बात ये, नया hair-cut के लिए बधाई...मेरी बहेन ने भी कुछ दिनों पहले सायद नया करवाया था, कुछ प्रियंका चोप्रा स्टाइल का..:P :D

  4. The pics in the post are good one senior,rubina mam had d same habbit of clicking pics randomly everywhere... :P

    and yup m a regular at CCD here in bangalore :D mere colony mein CCD wale to mujhe ab pehcan bhi gaye hain :D

    Interesting Post :)

  5. @ abhi
    thnx for reading and commenting and liking the post :)