Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vandy's new phone & new connection!!

(Reetz is one of my closest friends. Like Puji, she’s with me since the starting of college. Though we don’t spend much time in college together,,but we spend a lot of time together outside college,,shopping & all. Reetz, Puji & I along with two other girl friends of ours form a gang of girls,that we call “Hum paanch” or “paanch paandvis”)

Although the past few weeks were full of happenings for me,,food, fun & shopping sprees, but more than enjoying them, I was kind of restless,,,why?,,even I don’t know?? So I thought let me meet Reetz,,as she is one of the few persons who can really take this restless out of you. You need not to discuss anything with her. Just talk to her & you will find peace,,,a strange kind of calmness,,lightless,,,as if you are floating,,,something like that I don’t know exactly. She is so calm & patient, perhaps the sweetest person I have ever met in my life,,,so selfless.

Reetz & I were planning to get new pre-paid connections. Moreover I was thinking to buy a new phone,,it has been three & a half months since my old cell got lost. But I was in real short of money,,partly because I never save & partly because I spend a lot. Somehow I collected 4 grands,,2 grands I had saved from Roorkee trip,,one grand & 300 bucks from selling my old course books,,,books are our best friends afterall,,,400 bucks I borrowed from choti(my younger sis) & final 300 bucks from Reetz. Initially I thought about buying Spice dual sim phone so that I could have my old as well as new number but then Puji told me that Nokia 2700 costs only 4 grands so I became double minded & finally decided to buy Nokia only though I know 2700 won’t have good picture quality as my old 6300 but now since I come under category of BPL so I’ve to be complacent with this handset only :P

I was waiting for Reetz outside jewel theatre which by the way is deserted since the past few years,, hope it gets renovated soon so that we’ll have few good multiplexes in jammu. Anyways coming back to the scene,,more than half an hour had passed since I was waiting for Reetz but there wasn’t any sign of her. I can’t be angry with her ever,,,,even if I want to,,,so I had to wait patiently. I was surrounded by these local buses,, autos,,beggars,,bikes,,people ,,almost whole universe. My ears were literally paining,,hearing the conductors shouting “narwal batindi bhatindi narwal”,,, “channi narwal”,, “bawe university”,,etc. I’ve learned their accent & their words by heart,,perhaps I can be the first lady conductor of jammu :D

Then those little kid-beggars start pulling by dupatta saying “didi pass ho jayegi”,,,thank god there wasn’t any guy standing with me otherwise she would have said “teri Jodi salamat rehe”. I became tired of waiting & I thought that I would faint soon,,though I haven’t even fainted in my life. Then I started counting the bikes that passed me,,one glamour,,two pulsar,,three discover,,four shine,,,,ahh,,, there comes she. She was all smiling with the expression “I-am -really-sorry-you-had-to-wait”. Her smiling face took all my tiredness away in a picosecond. For 5 minutes,, she kept of repeating I’m sorry, I’m sorry & I kept on repeating it’s -ok,,it’s-ok. I was thinking when she’ll stop being sorry & when she did,,,she started even worse,,,topic of exams,,,I loathe this but I have to listen,,afterall it’s Reetz,,how can you not listen to her???

We reached Bahu plaza,,,south block,,found that vodafone’s umbrella,,rushed there. We gave our formalities,,,she gave of her brother’s & I gave of my dad,,as mine won’t do. We choose our new numbers,,,consecutive,,,it feels good if you & your friend have consecutive numbers,,,my weird perception. My present number & Puji’s old number were also consecutive but then in Roorkee I lost my cell & she lost her sim (which was in my cell),,,what a friendship!!!

To our surprise,,we didn’t have to pay anything,,sim was free,,huh,,,a relief,,atleast something is free in today’s world. Tomorrow our new sim cards will be activated :)

Then we went to Nokia store,,the same from which I & my di bought our old cells,,both Nokia 6300,,,di’s black & mine choco,,,and both of which eventually were stolen within a year. Reetz warned me not to buy from the same store,,,but I love taking risks,,,bought the cell,,,nokia 2700,,purplish shade.

Our throat was all dry after talking continuously for two hours so we had orange juice,,,10 rupees vala :P,,,again relief,,,something is cheap :)

Though smoke’n joes(whatever is it’s correct spelling) was nearby but the mere word “pizza” reminds me of that crappy cheese burst of Dominos so we took mini bus & came back to Gole market,,,went to trade fair,,,John Grisham’s novels are no longer available there :(

Enough of wandering,,,we were hungry by then so we came to Ganpati’s(formally Nathu’s),,,had rava masala dosa & my favorite gajar ka halwa. All the time Reetz was talking of her forth coming GATE exam & mourning over 7th semester exams (again). Though she’s stands among the top 5 of class still it’s a habit :P

Reetz kept on talking & I listened quietly,,,suppling my “hmmm’s” & “yaa’s” in between & giving her more details about the shops in that area,,,as if I lived there. Her sweet voice & calm thoughts (except for exams which are loud enough to make you deaf) ,,,calmed my senses & all my restless was gone,,,even though there’s a heavy burden on 700bucks on my head.

Reetz I love you for this quality of yours.

With love



  1. congratulationz...n celebrationz....finally u got a new
    gv me ur no. as soon as u get it...i want 2 get d 1st missed it...
    n nice post...hehe...


  2. oooo..!!
    yah finally...!!
    loved the conductor and beggars wala touch :)
    and yeahh ab eku k "low battery" phone ka supplement aa gyaaaa hai..!!
    no mre pic troublez

  3. @eko
    first missed call is reserved fr someone special,,,,,no guesses,,,,its me,,,my old number i mean
    i guess u forgot that low battery is my trademark
    & 2700 has no comparison with 6300

  4. @vandy: lol...

    @sepo: ahem ahem....ab kya karoge jaaaniii...

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  6. पहले तो आपको नए फ़ोन की मुबारकबाद :)

    दूसरी बात की हाँ जी, सिम कार्ड आज कल हर जगह फ्री मिल रहा है....ये एक अच्छी बात है..कुछ तो फ्री है इस दुनिया में अब भी...

    तीसरी और सबसे अहम् बात....आपके ब्लॉग की जो तस्वीर है(बैनर फोटो), वो बेहतरीन है....बहुत बहुत अच्छी....दिल खुश हो गया...!!

    और आपकी सहेली(reetz)टॉप ५ में है और हम जैसे लोग हैं एक तरफ जो की Engineering में कभी भी टॉप ५ में नहीं आ पाए.. :P :D

    अच्छा पोस्ट था..!! :)

  7. @abhi
    thanks alot
    n i completely agree with u