Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gals & gossips :D

(Me, Puji, Reetz, Jolly & Shivi are together since starting from the college,,,,I guess I’m using this line too often :P,,,.We call ourselves “Paanch Paandvis” and sometimes “Hum Paanch”)

First day of our last semester. Though it’s the last semester still I didn’t want to attend college so soon,,,though I’m at home since past 17days :P

I was kind of enjoying these holidays,,,but some restless creatures of our class just can’t stand others happiness & they went to college so from today we also have to go.

Sepo isn’t here,,,she’s in Delhi & I’m missing her like hell. Most of the calls that I receive are from Sepo,,I guess if I had a bf,,even he wouldn’t had called me so much,,,,, but now since she isn’t here ,,,,I keep on starting my cell thinking that,,,maybe she’ll call from Delhi but I guess she’s busy,,,well no complaints,,,afterall she has been to Di’s home after so long.

I was waiting at my stop when Eko came,,,thank God I got company otherwise walking from college gate to class alone is like road to hell. Both of us started talking about Sepo,,,,we both are missing her so badly. We reached college early,,,that’s because we were unaware of college timing. Few more were also there who started discussion about GATE,,,thank God they were telling interesting stuff that happened during the exam & not about the silly questions that appeared in exam. I was wondering if Sepo would have been there,,,she would really be rofl’ing.

Anyways Puji,Shivi,Jolly & Reetz joined a few minutes later. I was missing this gang also.

We really wanna go on a trip so we were convincing our teacher. He agreed to take us to kannneda & said that he’ll remain there & we can come back. Sikhs are really too crazy for Canada. A female teacher who’s also a sikh,,is already the favorite of all guys,,though she’s married & has a son(he’s so cute,,,I love him).

We started discussing about movies,,serials,,,phones & all. I hate discussing about movies & serials but who cares. Puji left early then we four started bitching about someone whom we really hate,,,Puji will kill us when she’ll get to know we gossiped so much without her :P

Though I hate this thing also but I was kind of enjoying it that moment. Reetz is always patient but she was kind of restless,,,when asked she told that she wanna go home early as she didn’t want to miss “rahul ka swayamwar,,,WTF

For about three hours we kept on discussing,,, ordered chowmein from canteen in between & changed place from canteen to lovers garden. After we had talked & bitched to our hearts content (well near to heart’s content,,,as girls can’t be contented ever when it comes to bitching & gossiping),,,we decided to leave. Our discussion covered all aspects,,,movies,,,serials,,,phones,,,relationships,,classmates,,,festivals,,,studies,,,trips,,migration of my family & their families,,,,,,almost everything on this universe actually but most of the time when others were talking I was thinking about Sepo & obviously supplying my “Hmmm’s” & “Yaaa’s” in between. But I really enjoyed their discussion,,,,as I’ve missed this gang so much & now I’m missing Sepo.

With love


P.S. Sepo I’m missing you,,,come back soon.

P.S. 2 Jolly’s new phone is so damn cool,,,,wanna buy that but presently I’ve to pay 700bucks back to Reetz & choti so have to be contended with my own cell for the time being :P


  1. aap logon ki dosti bane rahe :-)

  2. hmm....cool....
    @sepo: misin u loadzz.....cme bck soon......

  3. @abhi
    @eko thanks

    really missing sepo alot