Wednesday, February 3, 2010

FIRST FIGHT 03.02.2010

Three of us (me, Vandy and eku) had lotta fun today (details of which will be given by Vandy a few days later). Everything was going great. I came back home was full-on excited and happy... until............


I was online, suddenly got this message from eku “I am angry with u”. I was like angry..??!!????!!!!! Next message was like “u never told me about the stuff you have written in your blog”. I was still clueless... ohh man what is she talking about...?? Next message “thank you......”. *in my mind* ohk that post.... what was in there...?? Suddenly I remember ...... ohh f***. I reply “I m sorry I totally forgot to tell ya”. Thinking she’ll understand I keep doing something else until I realise that she hasn’t replied back and that is so unlike her. I send her a few more messages. NO REPLY. *in my mind* hmm she must be in the loo/ busy/ on a call..... Send her a more messages. NO REPLY.

Finally I call her up. *NO ANSWER*. Now that is something she has never done before, she always picks up my call (except for few times, when I know what the trouble is). Now at this particular time I was really screwed up. Eku angry with me... how unrealistic. Call her up again. *NO ANSWER*. Send her a text “I m sry baby twas unintentional, totally sliped outa my mind  pls dun b angry”. Call her again. *NO ANSWER*.

Enough is enough. Call up on her mum’s cell.

Me -“hello aunty... Sneha eksha nearby..?”

aunty- “beta yea she’s here but is not keen to talk to you”.

Me- “aunty aap zabardasti de do usse...”

aunty (laughing) -“okie... main loudspeaker on karti hu...”.

Inbetween I hear a muffled voice “hello”. Me – “eku is that u?”


“Are you very angry”


“I m sorry”


All rite eku... u can do better than these monotonous “hmmm’s”. I forgot the rest of the conversation which was more or less the same, me speaking and she “hmm”.
But within like 3 minutes, we were discussing about this guy both of us hate. In short back to normal. But I know that she may be talking to me (the most important reason being she knows I can be a real pain in the a** and bug her continuously for hours all together). So, she must have thought ki kar he leti hu baat isse pehle ki dad ke number pe phone kar de....!!! (He he)

Eku I M REALLY SORRY BABY..... I know I should have told ya but I totally forgot to do the same. You know naa I talk soo less :P. And moreover when we start talking we talk about all the things except for the ones which are important. I call u up in the exams to ask something and end up forgetting to ask the very thing I called for. So what I mean to say is that you talk so very much that I don’t get a chance to say anything. So technically, it’s your fault too (don’t make a face I am just kidding). And guess what it’s the first time we had a fight (not exactly but still). This day has been etched up in history now...!! romanchak...!!! aise lil lil batton pe pls gussa na ho aap

I M SORRY AGAIN (phewww)

With love


  1. watever...........!!!
    wat..??din u expect such an answer in return...okay....chill.....itz okay...u knw me well....vry well....m lyk dat...i get hurt vry easily babes...even on sum stupid silly things...(lyk dis 1..)...but u knw dis 2 dat ma anger cant last more dan few minz..hehe....


  2. hey gals
    i knw i'm involved
    first of all it was surprise which was supposed to be disclosed on sepo's birthday
    but due to some reason it had to be disclosed earlier

    moreover i din want anyone to knw abt this cuz i was planning such surprise fr others also

    so chillax