Monday, February 1, 2010



Welcome guys and gals to the world of DIVINE SECRETS.... here you will unlock the great and cool stuff, the essence of friendship, sisterhood and loads of love. It’s an insight into our life’s (mine and vandy’s) and that of our friends. It will include everything from shopping sprees to picnics to college canteen to mood swings to hook ups to...... (Name it and you will find it here:)). I m sure you guys are going to love this big time. We will make sure to make it as interesting as possible.
A few words about the title of the blog...!!
The title has been taken from a book called “DIVINE SECRETS OF YA-YA SISTERHOOD”. This book spans decades of love, trust, friendship and style (the kinds we don’t see today:)) between four totally different sorts of girls, who undertake together the journey of girlhood to womanhood together in “style”. And call themselves the “ya-ya’s”. They have this scrapbook dedicated to themselves which holds all there special moment like passing high school, getting married, first baby etc etc...!!
Now this scrapbook thingy is out-of-fashion these days so we decided to keep a online diary a la the “ya-ya’s”. And our friends call us sepo and Vandy respectively, so that derives the name of the blog.....
Cheers to us and our sisterhood..!!
Long live us and the blog......happy reading :)

It is indeed a great pleasure & proud privilege for us to present this blog “DIVINE SECRETS OF SEPO-VANDY SISTERHOOD” (this line is copied from the preface of one of my course book :D). Now since Sepo has described everything about what this blog is gonna be, so I won’t extend this introduction further. I just hope you guys really enjoy this. So just wait, watch & enjoy our silly, stupid, idiotic & moronic experiences :D

with love

sepo & vandy


  1. yeah,,,,i too hope that everyone is gonna enjoy this

    fingers crossed

  2. @sepo
    i've added in this only
    check it out

  3. nyc..!!
    yaar v mite cm to colege kal (me nd ek)
    so colege se chlege den ..!!

  4. Oooohhh...!!Can't wait to read more!!

  5. @jaunty
    and i hope u'll enjoy that :P