Saturday, November 6, 2010


I am writing here after like ages. Life has been such a roller coaster ride. We are getting into the feel of the after-college life. Trying to settle down.

I am trying to recollect what all happened since I last posted here. Its a difficult task, as i even fail to recollect what i had written about....!! Though i remember the last entry by vandy, a post dedicated to me. I was out with my family on a vacation, out of India and we missed each other like a lot....! I have had a lot of fun on the trip, learned and saw many new things. Met different people (and cute boys), ate different foods.....!Coming to the present scenario.............

So these days I am into a lot of reading, planing to learn driving, studying very very little for my upcoming exams. Vandy will be going to Delhi very very soon. Once she comes back we will PARTY.................!

Thats all i have in store for you. Stay tuned for some upcoming action.

lots of love

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  1. when i opened this page i thought its gonna be a really long post full of action but just a little scroll down the page it ended :P

    u missed a big news here anyways i'll add up that in my post & surely we'll party :)