Saturday, August 14, 2010

Friends Forever

Hello friends,,,so I’m back again. Well, frankly speaking after Eko’s birthday,,we guys didn’t hang out much but still I’m here and that’s because I was just watching a TV show ,,viz. channel V’s “Roomies” & I couldn’t stop myself from blogging. Now since our college is over,,,yeah it’s over,,,feels so bad to admit that ,,,so we don’t get a chance to meet each other that often (though we aren’t working yet),,,and to be very honest,,,now we are realizing the true value of friendship.

Really,,,the sisterhood that we share, is something that can’t be described in words.

Now coming to my friends,,,the most amazing thing that happened in the recent past was my trio becoming my quad,,,now like me Puji too has dual membership of YA-YA’s & PAANDVIS :P

This was the biggest surprise of my life,,well I guess I mentioned that in the post regarding my SSB experience. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. It feels great when Puji, Sepo & Eko gang up against me (well,they make life hell for me sometimes but still I love it). We, four, have so much in common, in a way we are synonymous of each other while in other cases we are totally opposite. From Puji’s birthday to Eko’s birthday, we have literally enjoyed like hell,,,we partied together,,,we planned surprises together & we even studied together (yeah,,,we studied on conference during exams too). I just love the way we are now,,,well touch wood to that.

Hmmm,,,okay apart from this there is some stuff that I guess i haven’t mentioned in the previous posts. A very big shocking news is that Eko’s cell was stolen on the day of our last exam of engineering,,,& few days back her Vodafone number was deactivated too,,,so no conferencing since then. But since we are not the kind of girls who just keep repenting over the past so we had a party on last day of exam too,,,it was fun the same day Puji got her new cell,,,one lost & other got new :P

Now coming to PAANDVIS,,well we(we refer to Puji & me only,,college is over now otherwise PAANDVIS & YA-YA’s would have been single group) had fun too. We went on a shopping spree,,,bought gifts for Shivi,,Puji & Reetz,,,their pending birthday gifts actually,,,and of course belated because earlier we were busy with college life. That reminds me that Jolly’s gift is still pending (her birthday was a day after Eko’s birthday) but since Reetz, Shivi & Jolly ,,are moving to Delhi so I guess we will have to wait for a really long time to get Jolly’s gift. Well this makes me sad too that I won’t be able to meet them for don’t know how long,,,but that’s how life goes on. Many guys of our class have already moved to Delhi,,,& talking to them on phone again makes us sad,,,I don’t know how it’s gonna be if even we have to move to different places like this :(

Anyways, here I’m wishing all my friends a bright future ahead.

With love



  1. awww...! miss ya guys...! lets make a plan to meet up soon.....!

  2. it was(in my accent),,,,very TOUCHY :P
    n yea,,,,now m scared,,,of parting away from u guys :(
    luv u so so much...
    u 2 sepo :)