Friday, August 6, 2010


Hello people....! How have ya been? I am writing a post for divine after ages (and continuous complains by a certain Ms. Vandy). Well, now that the pleasantries have been exchanged, let’s get down to business. Business here involves the details of a birthday. Eku’s. 5th august 2010.

The buzz and prep for it started week ago. Yea you guess it right. Planning the surprises and all. Ms Arora plays a serious spoil sport all along, spoiling all the surprises at their nascent stages, right in the bud. How you ask? By poking her nose where it was definitely not wanted, guessing all the surprises beforehand. Ohh this girl small and all but is sharper than a rampuri....! either that or the rest of us are seriously dumb and careless. I ll go with the first possibility....!

Okie. So we (read Vandy) thought and made this flex for her, me and puji helped. A collage of our pics (special times) spent together. A cake (black forest). A room full of balloons (me and pooja were assigned the job of blowing up the damn things, trust me it was a thankless and difficult job. It was so hard sitting face to face blowing your lungs out, watching each other make funny noises and faces, after eying the piles of un-blown balloons trying hard to control your laugh, on top of it a certain person keeps calling and the air you blew comes out of the balloon. And by the end of it your mouth tastes like a balloon too. Sweet nuggets..!). Some roses. A few girlie titbits. We were supposed to be surprising her by sneaking up to her house in her absence but the little girl surprised us by not getting surprised at all and guessing the whole thing already. I mean WTH. Everything thing, all the planning went blah...! but still it was fun with all the pic clicking (yea we haven’t changed) and pulling Vandy’s leg, about the size of the balloons she got and many other things...! The most vivid memory in my mind of that day is the one of seriously ganging up against Vandy, other one being when I made the birthday girl broom the whole room and others search every nook and corner to find my “lost” pendrive, which apparently was resting in my back pocket!

So, when we settled down after the cake, sam arrived surprising us all by one more cake (butterscotch this time, yay) and a party pooper, that thing which you rotate at the bottom and it blasts scattering bunting bits and shiny pieces. Everyone (except me and eku) took turns in trying to make the damn thing work, finally Vandy succeeded in cracking, I mean blasting it open. I forgot about the movie I made. Well I really make these hilarious movies. Hilarious because one, they are funny and two, because there are many goof-ups (actually I am an amateur). This one had comparatively fewer mistakes. The birthday girl liked it.....i guess. Then we clicked some more pics, and when we were exhausted we ordered a pizza. That ended the day more or less.

Hey eku, hope you have a great year ahead and may you always shine and succeed in whatever you undertake. And sorry for not accompanying you to the gcet....! Spare me huh..!

Love ya

Kisses and hugs and a slap you-know-where.

Lots of love



  1. u devils,,,,really make life hell fr me sometimes

    & i love that hell :P

    P.S. we really had so much fun

  2. हाय अल्लाह, ज़माना कितनी तेजी से आगे बढ़ रहा है, और मैं?? :D :P !!
    दो पोस्ट यहाँ लग भी गए और मैंने पढ़ा भी नहीं...खैर फ़िलहाल बस फोटू देख वापस जा रहे हैं...आते हैं कुछ देर में फिर से पढ़ने को :)

    गज़ब के मस्ती और दोस्ती से भरे तस्वीर हैं

  3. thank u so much gals....though i din gt surpise bt i luvd it (i luv surprises :P)
    n yea i luvd the movie sepo :)
    n i m nt gonna spare u for nt accompanying me :(
    slap 2 u 2 (same place :P)