Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Hello everyone...!

Some people love to make a commotion in the public places, don’t they..? Can’t say whether or not they get/feel embarrassed but they sure make others around them suffer. Big time.

Well, here goes. Last week I and Vandy were on a job search. Going off to various companies with our resumes...! The process may seem like disheartening but we were very happy and excited about the whole thingy. Felt quite good to behave like normal adults for a change. The only thing that was making the whole process a tad bit sour was the ..... scorching sun and utterly humid weather. So after a few positives and lot of negatives, print-outs and Photostats plus a lot of up and down, we realised that we were hungry and hot and thirsty and tired. So we were on a look-out for a place to hang out. The kind of place whose name shouts loud and clear “sasta and tikau”. Well air conditioner was also an important criterion though not as important as the previous mentioned one.

So finally we decided to go to a Nescafe outlet. After ordering we relaxed and took a deep breath, read air conditioner-ed breath....! So amidst the channa masala, aaloo tikki buns, ice tea and cold coffee’s we began talking. Rather than talking we spent most of the time planning and fantasizing about our future holidays together. It was then when they appeared.........

The meek, scared looking girl and the angry (very angry) young man. The moment they entered they had undivided attention from one and all. Why? Well because they entered fighting and shouting...! not the girl (she was quite throughout) only the guy. Don’t have the slightest idea about what the girl had done, but it was something about forms and signatures and god knows what else. The uy was frowning all through and his face was inches away from the poor girl. Many a times I thought he was just on the verge of hitting her. But thankfully he spared us that horror. The cool atmosphere far from cooling him down kept raising his temperature. Few minutes later he even tore down the form in question into zillion pieces. Even after that the frown wasn’t ceased.

Vandy and I kept discussing about how the hell the girl is taking all the shit from this bull-shit of a guy. Well, if I would have been her I would surely have punched him right onto his nose and walked off leaving him wiping his bloody nose....!

Don’t know exactly what the relation between the two of them was. Were they in a relation? I strongly doubt...! After all who can put up with that brute of a man..! Well then, maybe he was her boss.....? Who knows...! But the wait..Hey...who the hell cares......! Bah humbug......!

Nonetheless, it was one hell of a tamasha.....! and a great entertainment for us...! we spent some good 3,4 hours there (not entirely for the tamashaa), we were busy discussing our own stuff. And yea we also had a brownie as the dessert....! haha.

Both of us thought that this incident was worth a blog post and so here it is....!

Loads of love


  1. oh really,,,wow i wanna watch that too
    n we really had loads of fun that day
    n that tamasha was fun

    that guy was handsome too

  2. so,,,,u gals went 2 ghumi ghumi widout telling me n dat 2 for a job.....didnt expected dis from u gals.....

  3. thanks for sharing the Tamasha story and a lesson to learn for everyone ,