Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My SSB experience!!!

No need to say how much I missed this place,,,,it has been ages since I’ve published anything here (most of my posts have this line ;)

Anyways,,,let me start. As Sepo has already told you about happenings of college,,, so I’ll begin with my SSB trip only.

Firstly, it was my first trip outside jammu without friends. Now others would have said “without family” but since I never had any trip with family so doesn’t matter & since parents are not allowed to stay in SSB center so there being with me in trip (so to say) was of no use.

My SSB was in Allahabad,,well known as rejection center. I happened to clear an army interview in college (don’t know how) so I got call letter & being adventurous I don’t miss any such thing. I was so excited about this thing but the only thing that bothered was “my friends were not with me”

My friends always treat me like a kid,,I’m so pampered ,,,without them,,,I don’t know what I’ll do. They keep on reminding me every little thing otherwise I’m so careless. They take care of everything. So I was worried how I’ll manage???

At MCO,,,when I saw other girls who also came for same SSB,,,I was like “these girls won’t even talk to me,,,these are having so much attitude”,,,,I just then called Sepo,,,and she told me to relax. Cellphones were not allowed & moreover prepaid of jammu doesn’t work outside state so that was a big problem.

Anyhow,,,everyone gathered in the SSB center & within no time we all knew each other’s names. We were allotted beds,, mine was near to Shutobha (aka bunty) & kulwinder (aka kullu),,,so these two became my friends instantly. Swati & Vinita (aka vini) also became friends. Everyone was talking,,,trying to get familiar with everyone else but I was missing my friends big time,,, I went to call them but,,,guess what??? That damn STD,,,I wasn’t able to get connected to my friends’ mobiles & I remembered landline of just one friend,,that was puji. But slowly I became accustomed to that place & people & within no time we became like chuddie-buddies. I used to tell them about my friends & I literally pissed off them with my senti stuff,,,,my friends & all. I showed them the heart that sepo & eko gave me,,,,I kept telling them what surprise gift I’m gonna give puji,,,,but they were really nice,,they always listened to my crap & yeah,,,I got one more name “senti aunty”

Bunty was screen out but kullu,,,swati & vini were with me till end of this. I made many more friends Monika, Pallavi, Puneet, Pooja, Shewata, Shikha,Raman,Meenakshi, Himansha,,long list,,forgive me if I skipped some names.

We had such a great time,,,we four were like the most “bindaas” girls of 14SSB & we enjoyed every moment,,,we used to gossip,,,we used to pull each other’s leg but at the same time we cared for each other too. We were alike in one way or the other so we got along so well.

All tasks went good ,,,except few but anyhow I enjoyed doing every task,,,especially snake race & individual obstacles ,,,I did them without hurting myself & in a single attempt. I was sure that swati & kullu will get through this & they really wanted that & guess what??? They got through it. Vini & I were not recommended but we were happy for our friends. But the last day was so gloomy,,,we hadn’t expected that we’ll get so close that it’ll become so hard to get apart. But as all good things come to an end so was this trip. But we took each other’s numbers & id’s & we’ll be in touch for sure.

On the whole it was an awesome blossom experience.

I came back home now but guess what now I’m missing my SSB friends.

Today I wanted to go to college to meet my friends but Eko called me to her place so that we could study or rather she could teach me as I still have to give one internal exam. I didn’t like the idea much because I wanted to meet Puji also so I told Eko to call her too but no response from her. Anyways I reached Eko’s stop & called Sepo,,,she said she’ll be late & I was like “what the hell?” I have so much to tell & she’ll be late.

So I entered Eko’s place,,,all alone & I opened the room reluctantly ,,,,and guess what Sepo already there with that “HEARTIEST WELCOME VANDY” poster,,,banner,,,whatever it is called. I was so happy. So I settled on the bed & started with my SSB stuff but Eko interrupted me & asked me to get book from cupboard so that we could study & I was like “grrrr”

It was too dark there & she said light isn’t working,,,so I opened it in dark & guess what??? Surprise again,,,,Puji was in cupboard,,,,I couldn’t have asked for anything else. For 5seconds I was in state of shock as it was too good to be true but it was the truth & Puji was there.

Picture abhi baki hai mere dost,,,,one more surprise…

Sepo had made a movie for me,,,,it was such a cute collection of pics & titles & cutest thing was the loads of mistakes Sepo did in that. I was on cloud nine by now.

But wait,,,,,one more surprise

And that was the blog post that Eko has posted before this one,,,,,,it was really so sweet.

I was feeling like a princess,,,really I’m so lucky to have friends like them.

Last surprise was Mexicana pizza of smoking-joes that they had ordered.

Man,,,I wasn’t believing my eyes. I had missed them so much & they too missed me but I wasn’t expecting so many surprises.

It was wonderful,,,,beautiful,,,,lovely,,,,actually can’t be described in words.

And I learned no matter how far we go,,,,we’ll friends forever.

With love


P.S. I'm happy to be with my friends again but I'm missing my SSB friends a big time :(


  1. awww, nice mazza a gya pdh ke...!
    you ll get over ur missin nw, partially by keeping in touch through net and partially by EXAMS....!!

    yea lets rock the exams now :)
    bte nice touch with the pic, cupboard wali bhi hone chaheye thiii....!!! pizzza wali bhiiii.

    tell eku to mail u those..!
    chlo fir

    p.s why aren't u replyn, not picking the fone ..hmmmmmm?

  2. hmmmmmm
    let's see
    i'll ask eko to mail me the pics

    p.s. i was busy as one uncle was here

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  4. wow...वो बात याद आ गयी...दोस्तों के साथ तो मजे किये होंगे हजारों..लाखों ने..पर कहते हैं की आप तीनो का अंदाज है कुछ और :)

    आपके SSB के दिन की भी बातें अच्छी लगी...बहुत अच्छी..
    पढकर बड़ा मजा आया...
    और स्नेहा जी की बातों में दम है..वो दोनों फोटो रहतीं तो अच्छा और लगता ;)

    जैसे आप लोग एन्जॉय करती हैं, दोस्ती का असली आनंद इसी सब छोटी छोटी पर प्यारी बातों में आता है.,..
    हमारा भी एक वक्त था जब हम 12th में थे..करीब आज से 8-9 साल पहले...अब तो जिंदगी की कश-म-कश में ये बातें कब की पीछे छूट गयी हैं :( वो मासूमियत और वो बेफिक्री की अब इस प्रैक्टिकल जिंदगी में कोई जगह नहीं :(
    और हम जैसे इमोसनल लोगों के लिए वक्त रुकता नहीं...तो हमें तो वक्त के साथ ही चलना है...और कोई उपाय नहीं..

    वो दिन भी अपने क्या सुहाने थे..जब हम छोटे थे...न दिल पे मैल न चेहरे पे मुखौटे थे ;)
    (ये एक कविता आपको मेरे ब्लॉग पे मिलेगी..बचपन के दिन के )

    पहला कमेन्ट इसलिए डिलीट किया की इतने प्यारे पोस्ट पे एक छोटा सा कमेन्ट देन, बिलकुल समझदारी नहीं है :)

    माफ़ी चाहूँगा, अगर कमेन्ट लंबा हो गया हो तो और ज्यादा अपनी बातें कर गया हो तो :)