Monday, April 26, 2010

Last few parties!!!!

“College life is gonna end soon”
This is the latest buzz everywhere.
Oh yeah,, four years of fun is gonna end within few days :(
With each passing day our friendship & bonding is getting stronger & stronger and we are having loads & loads of parties. “One month before birthday”,,, “girls mini college leaving party”,,, “last mini picnic party” & so on. Everyone is like discussing how we’ll keep in touch,,,phone keeps busy all the time discussing how we’ll make others feel special in these last days. We keep on reminding each other the sweet memories we have shared during these four years. We leave college so late & don’t go directly to home. So much to do but such a little time. This period is perhaps the busiest period of this semester or I can say our college life.

Oh yeah,,,,that’s the reason I couldn’t scribble the latest buzz here because I keep so busy.

Okay I’ll give you a brief about the happenings in past few weeks.

I’ve been to shopping spree with “Paandvis”,,,,then to Smokinjoes & Dominos with Eko & Sepo,,,(from now onwards I’ll call them YA-YA’s,,,,that’s the name of contact group I’ve saved in my cell for them). With YA-YA’s I had hell lot of discussion about so many things & trust me nothing can be better than discussing your problems with friends & the discussion really changed mood of everyone. This bond of sisterhood is …………………I don’t know,,,,,,,,,,,,or maybe I know,,,,,it’s beautiful.

Ohhh,,,I forgot to tell YA-YA’s really embarrassed me like hell in mall,,,,,oh god,,,they raided almost all shops there & ended up buying just one top,,,,I’m sure no one in mall will let us enter again.

Okay next very happening thing was the surprise I planned for my best best bestest friend Puji. No occasion actually but we called it “one month before birthday” celebrations. Surprise was something like this : I blindfolded her & Eko lighted a candle,,,which was on a pastry of course,,,then Puji opened her eyes made a wish & blew the candle (I know it’s so dumb to explain this but still…) then I gave her a card & a red rose. Eko also got a card & white rose for her. And then I gave her a cd that contained a movie of our pics. Then I hugged & kissed her (don’t raise your brows like that,,,we both are straight). She watched the movies after two days & cried like hell after that. She watched it for some 12 times & during this time my cell was flooded with her “luvya” messages & kisses (I’m still blushing). Well I’m too happy that my surprise worked for her. And since then we are like we used to be a year ago. What happened in this one year,,,don’t ask but I’ve been trying hard to make up for things I’ve done & it was not the first time I did anything to revive our friendship,,,,since past one year I’ve been trying hard. But I wanna tell you one thing,,,true friendship returns back to you,,,,,always and that’s what happened with me & Puji.

Well this was all about YA-YA’s and PAANDVIS’ sisterhood,,,a lot I’ve skipped but whatever I’ve shared are the major happenings.

With love


  1. okie...!
    first things first...mall main what we did is called window shopping and we have been doin it since ages..!

    and yea our sisterhood rocks...!
    3 cheers for our love...!

  2. ohhhhhhhh yeah

    and yeah our sisterhood rocks

  3. oh fun..great...

    mujhe thodi jalan bhi ho rahi hai...aap log aise enjoy kar rahe ho :( :P and i am overloaded with work :P

    have to do one more month of field to train another batch of 5 new freshers(my company thinks i m good trainer..poor guys :P )...:-( no time for blogging or for fun :(

    anyways all my blessings and wishes are for you all :) enjoy...keep rocking :)