Saturday, April 10, 2010


Yeah people 10th of April is the day the three of us (Eku, Sepo and Vandy) were stringed in this beautiful necklace of friendship forever. We knew each other before, but that bond of trust and love was formed one year before. Today in the morning I was totally clueless about the fact. We were meeting at Eku’s place today, so that Vandy could finish working on Eku’s still unfinished ballerinas. Actually some time back I glamorised by old pair of ballet shoes with help of different ribbons and all. Needless to say the result was fab.

Eku too wanted to do the same with her old ballerina’s, so Vandy undertook the task and worked for it. So today was the final day for making the shoes. And Vandy the cobbler reached Eku’s place bright and early with her needles, threads, and fevicol and elfy...!!

There is some piece of news- “eku and I are neighbours now”. Yep. We live quite close to each other’s place now. So I took my sweet time to ready and move my lazy *** thinking “pass he toh Jana hai”. I reached a little late, Vandy was glued to the lappy, with her latest buzzzzz.....!! and while giving me a hug, her hand gave me a jilt and my bindi fell. I mean MY BINDI FELL. CAN U IMAINE THAT...??? I shouted at her and threatened her to find it, or the consequences would be dire ( we are friends, alright but bindi is bindi) and moreover it was one of a kind pink in colour......!! I had to take help of fevicol to stick it back. With my friends shouting in background, “fevicol se skin kharab ho jayege”, “pimples ho jayege”, “bass bindi ki pade hai isse toh”, “tujhe pta bhi hai aaj kya hai”. But my whole concentration was on my bindi. Finally, it stuck it where it ought to be. Then I came back to them, to see Vandy’s latest buzz update. Wow. It was our anniversary today..... How cool.

We then started recollecting all the memories of how we met and the fun we had, the fact that how nicely we gelled together. We had gone to a trip together and that’s how we(eku and me) came close to Vandy. I also remembered that, there I hurt myself badly (broke my elbow) and eku was taking me to the dispensary telling others to carry on, but Vandy insisted on coming with us. I found that so sweet. Have discussed a lot about that trip with each other but I have never told this to you.

So coming back to the shoes, Vandy worked really hard and made super cute shoes for eku, Barbie girl types complete with a ankle tie-up bow. Creative and innovative are the qualities written in our we guys had a lot of fun making the shoes, Vandy was most of the time working. Stitching and sticking. Eku was keeping us entertained by dancing, taking out funny noises and talking to herself and suddenly shouting at times....noni noni noni...!! I was making my assignment (:D). We had food too, taepla’s and khakra’s, nice stuff.

Our friends were leaving today for delhi to get their projects and materials. So we decided to give them a visit and see them off. We took sandwiches for them. Went to the station, talked and bye byed them. And offcouse the most important thing a forgot.... eku wore her new shoes....!! and everyone was like wow....!!

We then came back to our respective places after wishing each other the zillionth time....!
Wanna say love you both, we darling angels, love hitting you and irritating the shit out of you. Will always be there for you...!
Hope we stay together forever n ever
3 cheers to our friendship
HiP hIp HuRrAy....!

with love

i don't have the final pic of the shoes, will add it as soon as i get it.


  1. happy anniversary sweethearts....
    luv u both...
    touchwood 2 r frndshp....n r kickass stuff...

    hv mailed u d pic...add it..


  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwwww...... meko bhi aise dost chahiye jo mere liye joote banaye :O

  3. happy anniversary of friendship to you all :)

    bas aasha hai ki aapki ye dosti aise hi bani rahe :)

  4. touch wood to our friendship

    u already hv one such friend
    i'll make shoes fr u ;)

  5. very very happy anniversary of friendship to all of you :)

  6. hey sweethearts........ happy anniversary 2 all of u
    really touchwood 2 ur frndship