Friday, April 2, 2010

cake walk!!!

So I’m back.

Honestly I don’t know what I’m gonna write as I haven’t thought anything in particular,,,,but since it’s my turn to write & since a long I’m procrastinating so now I really need to write.

Hmmm,,,,,so I’ll continue from where Sepo left.

Free calling is still doing wonders for us. After assignment,,,,we prepared for our minors on conference,,,,isn’t it great!!!!

While preparing,,,,we had hell lotta fun,,,,oh yeah we never stop pulling each other’s leg ,,,,somethings I would to like quote here,,,,like pronouncing “alterations” as “aalterations”,,,,now this is me,,,,,but guys when “aal” can be well,,,,then why not “aalteration” can be accepted????

And during this time,,,I got to know that some people are really muggers,,,bloody muggers,,,& they are not willing to understand the basic underlying concepts,,,,they just wanna cram things,,,and some people just can’t forget the fact that they are best speaker,,,so even when they are just teaching you they’ll say like jaisa ki aap dekh sakte hain,,I mean what the hell is this??? Simply say dekho,,,but these silly people,,,,anyways,,, back to our preparation ,,,well to very honest I haven’t ever prepared for minors this seriously,,,I mean,,,book open,,,,on conference,,,,at mid night,,,,too numb to feel anything just hearing what is being taught ,,,I mean this is just too much and I remember that how drowsy were the mornings for us!!!

Now this was a shock my family members. My mom stated thinking that I’m preparing for my pending backlogs. My younger sis who really couldn’t see me working so hard would shout “aa ja mere behan,,ab so ja” (in typical comic style that she uses often)

And worse was I too wanted to study,,,I mean in college also till exam started my books were open,,,I mean I was also like what’s wrong with me???? But yeah,,,it was all Eko’s effect :P

Aal is well if end is well,,,,out of four exams,,,we did great in three & left blank sheet in fourth,,,,but nothing to worry,,,,picture abhi baki hai mere dost,,,,,we have life saver improvement exams also.

Exams ended but then we got to know that some joint placement venture is being carried out in an engineering college ,,,,and once again we were on our toes,,,preparing for it,,,,surfing on net,,,collecting information & all,,,,but

on that day,,,that was,,,1st of april,,,,we got to know we were not eligible,,,why???? please don't embarrass us more.

anyways during all these days,,,,we learned something,,,,,something that's really important,,,,no matter,,,,how difficult things are,,,just by staying together,,,we can make them a cake walk!!!

with love



  1. true true true :)
    united we stand , divided we fall :)
    great one....!!
    gud job

  2. yup yup yup......

  3. hahaha...true..
    and by d way, blank papers in engg exams are classy...maine bhi 3-4 exam mein blank paper de ke aaya tha :)

    and well said..united we stand..divided we fall :)

  4. @sepo & eko
    long live our friendship
    ya they are classy