Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Yep guys, you guess it right. The terrific trio is of the ever dynamic, enigmatic and charismatic EKU, SEPO and VANDY. Whatever we do, we do it together. So, when the task in question was of making an assignment we, as expected got together but in a way different as most of you will think...!! will get to it later, first a few words about the ASSIGNMENT.

Now if by chance you are an engineer, you are no stranger to this much dreaded word....!! Most of the four year’s time is spent in making ...err I mean copying the assignment. Now we engineers believe in saving labour of work... we do mindless copying rather than going for duplication of effort (wink). We got this first assignment of our 8th SEM, subject- computer networks, teacher- Mrs Taru. Now there are different types of teachers. Taru maam is more of a strict, no nonsense kinda, so when she told that she would not accept the assignment after 10th of March, we took it seriously.

Now I wasn’t in mood for college today, so was Vandy and so was Eku (which was a pleasant surprise....!!). I have the book for this subject, they (Vandy and eku) don’t have. I had already done 1 question and given it to eku. So the status today morning was:
Sepo- Q1+ Q2 (half)
Eku- Q1
Vandy- none (she is suffering from a disease called “restlessness”)

Eku and I decided to get together and complete the rest of the assignment. Vandy brought about “n” number of excuses which was her polite way of declining the offer of making the assignment together. Actually her disease of “restlessness” does not allow her to leave the premises (does that ring a bell girls..?) of her home (where she feels good and happy). The moment she steps out, she is engulfed by the restlessness bug and is no more herself (whatever that means...!).

Anyways.... we don’t let distances come between us. We had a jugaad. Me and eku at my place and vandy at her place, but still we made the assignment together. Confused....??!! Well, eku dictated vandy all that she wrote on the phone via the headphones on loudspeaker mode (so that I too was a part of the convo...). all thanks to vodaphone-vodaphone free calling. The idea initially seemed totally a flop idea to me, coz each answer is some 5,6 pages long and it seemed so not possible. But hum hai toh kya gham hai....!! the idea apart from being helpful to restless Vandy was super fun and full on amusing (especially to me and eku). We kept making fun of Vandy. She understood all the difficult words but had difficulty in understanding the easier ones like SAME, DENSITY.....!!! It was soo hilarious. We stopped inbetween, to watch emotional attyachar... supplying tit-bits to Vandy (she was uninterested). So when the girl in the show confronted her guy, slapped and broke up with him, we immediately switched back to our work. Eku and Vandy continued their assignment saath saath, with Vandy playing a huge hand in decreasing Eku’s speed of copying almost four times. But eku bore the brunt quite happily. I meanwhile did a lot of work..... removed the electric blue nail paint and applied a new one (plum). Attended to the dhobi, carpet wala, milkman and others (eku and I were alone at my place).

Exciting part was when Sam and Bowls called up, they had an exam today, which didn’t go well so they went to Baskin Robbins to take out their frustration. Wow. Eku pleaded, threatened them to get one for us. Sam lives near my place, so it was quite convenient for them. So after some time they came and with them came the iceeeeeeeecreaaaaammmmm...!! We talked and laughed and talked and talked more and some more outside my place. They talked with Vandy too who was on the phone all the time. When we started to eat, I realised it was mango flavour (I hate it). But couldn’t bear to see eku gorging down whole of it, so took a few spoonfuls. But the best part was teasing Vandy with all those sounds of ummmmmm, yummmmmy, delicious......!!

Assignment done, nails painted, tummy full, a new novel at hand.... I was happy. But my happiness was short lived. Miss eku made that “oh-I-m-so-cute” pleading face “please naa sepo yaar mere diagrams bana dey naa”. Ohh nooo....!! Even poor sepo is not so fond of making diagrams, but who listens to her....!!!! so I had to make her diagrams (which I always do, after eating lots of bhav). I made all her diagrams except one which was horrifying. In the end she told me “Jo maine banaye wo zada sundar hai”. I expected atleast a thank you....!! Well nevermind...!!

Then we separated and went to our respective places except for Vandy who was already in her home sweet home (restlessness protected)

With loads of love

p.s don't miss my PLUM coloured new nail paint in the third pic ;)


  1. aaaannnnnnnnn

    ice cream

    vaise u din left any kasar to make my fun haan????

    p.s. loved the post
    p.s 2 long live vodafone

  2. @sepo: lol....vandyz moju ws fun....
    n did u say...thank u?? huhh....watever..!!

    @vandy: vry true...

  3. hahaha...fun reading :)

    free calling ka achha use kar liya aap logon ne...;)

    aur ice-cream sahi mein delicious hoga ;)

    waise maine apne engg days mein kabhi bhi 1 bhi assignment nahi submit kiya :P

    anyways all d good wishes for this trio of "Eku,vandy and sepo" :) u rock !

  4. @abhi: thanx...we do rock...!!