Thursday, March 4, 2010

From Geet

Hey guys, oops Girls! just felt like scribbling (well virtually :P ) a bit on your space as a token of my gratitude and love for you three. Three because, although this blog is owned by you two, Vandy and Sepo, I still feel Eko to be very much a part of this too. Its just so impossible to imagine her out of anything that you guys are upto. I'm sure others who read this are going to agree with me when I say I consider you three as one single entity, one that is absolutely inseparable. So to talk of this blog as of you two is an injustice, isint it :)
Speaking of Eko being an inseparable part of your trio, I can well testify the fact with whatever happened today. Eko was in pain over a silly miunderstanding that cropped up between her and Vandy, and had gone into oblivion for about a day! It left Vandy in deep anguish and believe you me, it was heartbreaking to see them not speaking to each other just like that. Especially when I am home and have only a few hours to spend with them :( Only to find out Eko is unwilling to speak or meet, Vandy is trying hard to get back and make up with Eko...and Sepo...ehhhhmmm.. we'll leave that part :P

For some "unavoidable and urgent" calls of the heavens (to put it in the most deceptive terms), madam is currenlty unavailable for some time *grin*
It coused me a lot of restlessness, let alone speak of what they would have gone through. But I'm glad, they finally did beat all odds and made my day uber special. Met Vandy first in the mall and was joined by Eko there after sometime. It was such a sweet surprise to see her back in her bubbly self. Hey guys, always remember, no matter what happens, don't ever ever ever let anything come in the way of your friendship. Its way too precious for anything in the whole world. You'll realize it only when you move on with your lives and when you look back, you'll have the lovely
moments you shared with each other to cherish forever, and not those stupid miunderstandings you had over text messages !! Good Lord ! HOw silly :P
Anyway, glad to see you guys back. It was amazing hanging out with you both. Every bit of the little time we spent was crazy. The food we ordered in Dominos was half as fun as teasing Vandy over her appetite, rather the lack of it! Or filling out bulk feedback forms for recommendation of Eko's friend there and creating such a ruckus in the process. And Eko pestering him into giving us the discount and later on cribbing about the Cheezy Dip, dang i keep forgettin the real name.Jal..something.... Why do they have to keep such weird names for toppings!! *scratches head*

I had been craving for a game of air hockey and foos-ball in Bhopal. Felt like a kid when we entered the gaming zone. Air Hockey with you Eko was fun. And Foos-ball with Vandy, who cutely kept referring to it as "that-Chandler-and-Joey-waali-game".hehe
Hope you enjoyed it, despite a broken head of one player and then discovering a faulty handle of one team almost towards the end of the game!! Lucky the guy politely consented to allow us to play another game of Air Hockey in exchange for that! Man Eko couldn't stop giggling at the deal :P
I'm sure you'll agree Eko this one was far better and more thrilling than the "paid" one ;) and Sepo madam...ehhhmmm... aapko kya batayein..Wish i could get to meet you before leaving. You just missed the fun, and we missed you a lot too. But I suppose you were having your share of fun with all the running around. That must've tired your ass *wink wink*
Ghosh I can just go on forever, but I guess I should rather stop,lest I shall end up boring you and the readers with this insignificant rambling.
Take care girls. Stay happy and stay blessed. Love you three so much!! See you (and Sepo YOU !!) next time, God willing. Keep blogging, and yeh, Long Live The Sisterhood \m/


PS: Just struck my head !! JALAPENO DIP !!! phew :P

PS2: isko title de do yaar.. you know i suck at thinking up of titles and names :P


  1. aaaaaaaaaannnnnnnn
    i missed all the fun :(
    nd the pizza :(
    but chlo u guys had loads of fun, gud to hear that...!
    i wanted to meet ya too geet but well....!!
    next tyme i ll be rokin and waitin :)

  2. will wait for the next time !! take care hun... and please give this post a title :P

  3. so that's the reason for that RESTLESS post of Vandy..

  4. @Ms

    no no no,,,,,this is not the reason,,,,i published that post before all this. moreover,,,that was just a mis understanding that vanished in just one day

  5. yea yea....misunderstanding.....watever...!!
    @geet: true yaar d unpaid 1 ws definitely mre fun 2 play....enjoyd loads...
    hv fun...n tc...


  6. hey

    same phone

    same pinch

    nice work geet

    we'll miss u :(

  7. nice to read this post..
    what more i can comment :)