Friday, May 28, 2010


A lot has happened since the last post posted on the blog. We have been so busy that didn’t get time to fill-on the details. Now I feel it’s impossible to cover all the details as a lot of time has passed since then, and I have forgotten most of the things and events.

To start off, the one thing that I remember is the GALS DAY OUT. This event was planned and organised by our very own Vandy. It was the first time in 4 years that all (very most) of the girls of our class went together somewhere. Just the girls... mind you. It was super fun and full- on rocking. We all went to dominoes. And amidst the garlic breads and cheese bursts did a lot of pagalpanti. That day was one to the best days of our lives. The best moment being when the 12 of us tried and succeeded in squeezing ourselves in a wagonR. With Vandy and me accommodating ourselves in the dickey...!

The very next day we went for a small picnic to BAGH-E-BAHU. The best part about this trip was the water adventure we had there. On this water body, we saw a bunch of guys floating on a raft sort of a thing. So we went ahead to join them. In groups, by turns we went on this water ride. A particular group has a narrow escape, as two of its members nearly drowned themselves....!! Ha-ha. We were literally Rolfing as our group was the accident-less one....!

A few days after that (yea, you get the vibe...! So much happening) we organised a small party @ college for our classmates and teachers. Vandy had made a movie on our college days. The main purpose was to display the movie; needless to say everybody loved it...!! Vandy and I were mushy throughout the movie. Holding hands and shedding tears silently....!! The party was also a big success. A cake was cut. And we had a cake fight/ snow spray storm/ dance party until we were chucked outa the classroom. That didn’t stop us eh. We all sat together squeezed in the canteen and had had hell-lotta-fun. Well, another memorable day...!!

After that we were busy with our sessionals (internal assessment exams). Nothing to discuss about them. They were just the usual. But immediately after them, we went on a trip to MATA VAISHNO DEVI, of which I have written in detail in my blog.

Inbetween all this there were many other things like a trip to get new dress for Vandy, planning menu and buying stuff for the party. This brought us (me and eku) closer to Puji (Vandy’s BF). And it was in this period that I got addicted to MUTTON MOMO’S....!!

These days Vandy is out of town for her SSB. And all of us missing her like hell. Eku and I discuss her habits, her way of talking everyday on the phone. Really missing her, and here’s hoping that she does well and gets through.
Loveya hun
With love


  1. बस एक ही खराबी...एक ही बुराई लगती है यार आपकी...आप तुरंत हमें पुराने दिनों में ले के चले जाते हो जब हम भी इंजीनियरिंग में थे(चौकिये मत...हम पढ़े लिखे इंजिनियर हैं) :P

    यार मैं वैसे ही बड़े जल्दी से पुराने यादों में चला जाता हूँ, जिसकी वजह से मेरी माँ शिकायत भी करती हैं..वो कहती हैं की "पुरानी यादें एक अच्छी अनुभूति जरूर देते हैं लेकिन ज्यादा देर उन यादों में बिताना थोडा ज्यादा अच्छा भी नहीं" मेरी माँ की भी यही कमजोरी है और मेरी भी , की मैं तुरंत पुरानी यादों की तरफ रुख कर लेता हूँ...

    वैसे आपने जिस तरह से बताया अपने मस्ती के बारे में, हमें कुछ ज्यादा भा गया :)

    एक बात और,
    लगता है आपकी और वंदना जी(vandy ji ,नाम उनका यही है शायद, जहाँ तक मैं अंदाज़ा लगा सकता हूँ) की डिक्की में बैठने की वजह पहले से प्लान हो गयी थी ... की फोटू अच्छा आये और फोटू में बस आप दोनों ही मूलतः फ्रेम में नज़र आयें... ;) ;)
    (जस्ट किडिंग..सेरिअसली मत लीजियेगा) ;)

    बहुत अच्छा लगा पढ़ के.. :)

    आप लोगों को परीक्षा के लिए "आल दि बेस्ट"

  2. nyc.......!!
    memorable days....

    n yea....VANDY....missing her..
    all d best VANDY....

  3. awwwwwwwww

    n i missed u like hell
    i used to tell of friends there about u