Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Again after two......and a half years...!!!!

Hello everyone,,,,,its me Vandy (Well, I'm just starting this post,,,,Sepo will take this forward ;)...)
When we started this blog we thought that we'll post are the significant moments of our lives in this blog but as its evident,,,it could not be followed.
We got out of college,,,,,,we are now grown ups.....busy with our lives & jobs.....!!!

All boring stuff..!!!!

So one day over a phone call we (Eko & me) decided that we will go to Mumbai & give Sepo a surprise but later on Eko couldn't join so I came here alone (it wasn't a surprise,,,,I'm too bad in keeping secrets)

And now Sepo will take on....what happened next.......!!!!!

Holla People...!

So say I was eagerly waiting for Vandy, would be an understatement. First time ever a friend of mine was coming to meet me so I was beyond just happy. The wait ended on a rainy Saturday morning. Vandy being vandy has no problem adjusting in Mumbai and with my roomies. She even greeted cheerfully the girls I don't talk to. After a yummy breakfast of bread and Spanish omelette (which was made by me) we left for Bajrangi Bhaijan. After the cute movie, we then left was sight seeing. No outing is ever complete without a healthy indulgence in shopping.

Jhumka's from Colaba Causeway

Honestly I did not feel even for a moment that 4 years have passed since we graduated from college. It just felt like we met again after that last meeting where we shared a cheese burst pizza. Excited and yet nervous about the journey ahead. 
Beautifully designed corn at Aksa Beach
 Shopping with her made me realize how much I have missed it with her. In Jammu we were known by all shopkeepers for the girls who keep asking the cost but never buy anything! Our friend Rameez used to tease us that they are going to put our pictures outside and never allow us inside.

We bought same kinda footware! Yeah
 But I would be lying if I say Vandy has not changed. Though her appetite was not that much before, now its almost non existent. She just eats 2 spoonfuls and that's that. Now I don't mind her wasting outside food. But she rejects even my home cooked deliciously cooked meal. Also she has developed this motion sickness kinda thing. Where here heads starts to explode and stomach churns while travelling. This is the same girl who used lived some 3 km from our office but every day she used to accompany us to 18 km (where we lived) so that we could talk and gossip.

Gobi ke paranthe (again, made by me!)

Daal Chawal and Gobi fry (made by me)
 Back in college we used to talk everyday. Even if we met everyday, we made sure to talk and sometimes even video chat. But in the last 4 years, there have been times when we have not communicated for months together. The bond however remains unchanged. The love is deep and does not need to be validated with phone calls :)

Ice-Cream :-) 

 We missed meeting Eksha in this trip. Hopefully  we shall have a reunion same time next year in ..wait for it... LADAKH!!

Here's to our friendship and to regular updation on this blog.


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